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Tell Me More About...
See what's under Fruit of the Loom's success.
Developing products across multiple major national and international brands requires the perfect PLM system. That's just what Fruit of the Loom got when they partnered with Gerber Technology's Yunique PLM. With a single version of the truth for any product at any time, communicating and collaborating across borders is more efficient and produces fewer errors. With powerful business intelligence tools, you'll better exploit your market intelligence with each and every new product.
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You've Never Seen Anything Like This Before.
Introducing Accumark 10.
The world's most powerful, most intuitive design software that helps speed your products to market.
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In the words of the user: Peerless Clothing
"We have run three shifts around the clock for many, many years. And the most important part of our operation was our Gerber equipment (spreaders and cutters). We could not run our factory without the professional support of Gerber’s customer service and hardware/software support. We could not ask for better service! Thank you Gerber!"
Geza Papolczy
Manager, Peerless Clothing
Fruit of the Loom
In the words of the user: Automotive Stefani
"The Best or Nothing – at Automotive Stefani we rely on original Gerber consumables and parts for our broad range of GERBERcutters."
Johann Stefani
Managing Director, Automotive Stefani
Automotive Stefani
In the words of the user: GJ Steel Rule Dies
"Because the Profile allows me to multi-task, I’ve doubled my performance. I’ve also cut my manufacturing costs in half."
George Jeski
President, GJ Steel Rule Dies - Bolingbrook, Illinois
GJ Steel Rule Dies
In the words of the user: Klaussner Home Furnishings
"The knowledge and experience of the sales and service staff is one of the primary reasons we’ve been with Gerber for so long. What’s more, the equipment just works."
Henry Delk, Jr.
Engineer, Klaussner Home Furnishings
Klaussner Home Furnishings
In the words of the user: Scody
"In nine months, we reduced our paper costs by 50 percent and ink costs by 30 percent. Implementing this technology forced us to take a hard look at our entire manufacturing process and find opportunities to improve the efficiency of our end-to-end process. As a result, we've improved the efficiency of our entire operation."
Bernard Schreiber
Managing Director, Scody
Tailored laser technology solutions that set the industry standard for performance and reliability.
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Tailored laser technology solutions that set the industry standard for performance and reliability.
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Gerber Technology Announces Availability of 3D Visualization Technology

Gerber Technology, a world leader in integrated solutions for the apparel and industrial markets, announces the availability of 3D visualization technology as an optional module for AccuMark® 10, its industry leading integrated pattern design, grading, planning and marker making software.

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Gerber Technology Demonstrates Market Leadership, Product Introductions, Industry Participation

Gerber Technology, world leader in integrated technology solutions in apparel and industrial markets, reveals new products to demonstrate its leadership at industry leading conferences and exhibitions. Gerber’s software and hardware solutions enhance connectivity across the supply chain to help customers shorten cycle times to achieve their optimum results.

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