Aerospace Solutions
Gerber Technology offers a complete portfolio of automation solutions for every step in the manufacture of composite parts to ensure accuracy while maximizing productivity and material utilization and minimizing labor requirements.

A portfolio of tools that automate the composite ply nesting process, reducing labor requirements and increasing material utilization.
Single-ply material feeding device with electronically-controlled cradle feeder accurately guides material onto the cutting surface.
High-speed, static and conveyorized cutting systems deliver uncompromising accuracy and throughput with even the most challenging composite materials.
Laser systems guide workers in assembling accurate kits by indicating the correct sequence of plies to be picked from the cutting table.
Systems that project laser templates onto molds and parts to accurately guide operators through the part fabrication process.
Laser systems inspect parts by capturing more than 500 data points per second to ensure accuracy and control quality. Identify errors immediately to reduce scrap and rework.
Protect your investment with GERBERconnect remote diagnostics, an expansive field service organization and highest quality consumables and aftermarket products.
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