GERBERplotter XLp+

GERBERplotter XLp+ Series

A high-speed pattern plotter with exceptional print quality.

The GERBERplotter™ XLp+ offers state-of-the-art inkjet technology at a competitive price. It boasts high productivity and performance at a low cost of ownership.

The GERBERplotter XLp+ model is also available in a 2.2-meter-wide configuration.

Fast, quality plotting. Low maintenance. Versatile.
The GERBERplotter XLp+ plots at speeds up to 95-square-meters per hour at 300 dpi print resolution with an accuracy of +/- 0.1%. Gerber Technology’s XLp+ plotter uses proven HP® inkjet technology and standard, off-the-shelf HP inkjet cartridges. The system remotely monitors ink and paper usage and issues an alert when it detects low ink or paper levels. The system plots on a variety of materials including recycled paper, bond, kraft paper and mylar. Choose to plot face-out or face-in, with or without taking paper up onto a roll.
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