Are you Preparing Industry Leaders to Compete in a Digital World?


There’s no denying that a digital revolution is upon us. As your students enter the workforce, they will need a mastery of skills to succeed in a digital world. For more than 50 years, we’ve been passionate about making it easy for anyone using textiles, leather, composites or other flexible materials to go from concept to market quickly and seamlessly. 

We provide technologies and services that are simple to use, accurate, dependable, productive and that easily integrate with other systems and workflows. 

We work with educators at more than 1,400 colleges and universities around the world. If you share our passion, whether you’re training a future fashion, furniture, automotive or aerospace leader, we’re ready to help.

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Your Students Can Help Lead Digital Transformation 

Industry 4.0, 3D Virtual Design, Smart Factories, Digitization, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. These terms are in the headlines of industry publications every day. Companies are at different points in their digital journey and with our help your students will be ready to lead the way in addressing these challenges. 

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