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ComposiNest Automated Nesting Software

Make the most of your material with the most powerful automated nesting software in the industry.

Software that maximizes composite material utilization.

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ComposiNest® automates the composite ply nesting process, reducing labor requirements, increasing material utilization and improving cutter throughput by transferring nesting functions away from the cutter. Because ComposiNest is designed specifically to nest composite plies, it controls ply placement within the nest to ensure accurate ply orientation and integrity.

Maximize material utilization.
ComposiNest has been shown to improve your material utilization by as much as four percent using advanced nesting algorithms.

Reduce labor costs.
With ComposiNest automated nesting software, you can automatically generate nests 24 hours a day without human intervention to meet peak production demands without additional labor costs.

ComposiNest automated nesting software seamlessly imports and exports data files from industry standard CAD software, including DXF, NC and IGES files.