CutWorks Release Notes

V13.0 March 2021

Updated IndustrialNest Engine for Maximal Nesting Yield
An updated IndustrialNest (previously ComposiNest) nesting engine offers more reliability and provides users with a high-efficiency nesting engine that will maximize yield on expensive fabrics. Users will also receive more diagnostic information to adjust markers and ensure proper nesting. 

Plotter Integration
New embedded functionality allows users who are hand cutting or plotting to send markers to the plotter via the file menu or toolbar while still leveraging full CutWorks functionality. Files sent to the plotter can also include the header and part annotation information as well as QR codes. Users can also see the preferences file locations tab to configure the spooling directory.

Improved Nesting Usability
Improvements to the nesting strategy allow users to name, save, and later retrieve a preferred nesting strategy, streamlining the user experience and improving overall nesting results. Improvements to the existing nesting workflow enable maximum flexibility for how users can interact with and direct each nesting engine by providing clarifications on the meaning of required user settings and updated parameters. 

Nesting Queue Enhancements for IndustrialNest
A streamlined nesting queue maximizes the effectiveness of the updated IndustrialNest engine. If an IndustrialNest job in the queue fails, the queue continues running through remaining jobs, enabling the creation of a nesting  queue that can run unattended. Users also gain increased access to enhanced log reports and error messages to assist in diagnosing nesting errors.

Increased Manual Nest Precision
A new shoot/slide option for controlled part movement lets users move pieces by drawing a slide vector, enabling increasing precision in manual nesting. 

Enhanced File Open Functionality
New file open functionality allows users to open the software by dragging a file over the CutWorks icon. Users can also open multiple AccuMark markers in a common tab, new tab or a new window. Model option pieces from AccuMark files can now also be read and open in CutWorks. When importing files with AccuMark drills, CutWorks now maps drills 1 through 4 each to their own layer.

Improve CutTicket Integration
CutTickets generated from CutWorks now include spreader and material fields.

Overlapping Piece Improvements
Enhancements to the “Close Remaining” function allows users to close gaps in shape perimeters that contain multiple gaps or small overlapping segments. Users may now also set a small tolerance to prevent the system from alerting in cases with a negligible overlap. This feature also prevents such pieces from further overlapping in cases where the user selects to pack a nested marker.