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Gerber Paragon Cutting System

Automate with best-in-class speed and precision

With ease.

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Gerber’s decades of cutting experience meet the latest in “cutting-edge” technology in Gerber Paragon®. Intelligent engineering with an intuitive interface make it easy to use, easy to maintain, extremely accurate and capable of producing the highest quality cut parts the first time, every time. When a greater number of high quality cut parts are produced with lower labor and material costs, you get more than just a solid ROI. Get the cutting system that contributes significantly to the profitability of your business. Two versions of Gerber Paragon are available, the LX Series which cuts up to 2.75 cm (1.08 inch) of vacuum-compressed material, and the HX Series which cuts up to 7.2 cm (2.8 inches) of compressed material.

Preventative Maintenance KitEase of use.
There’s no cutter that’s easier to use. With Gerber Paragon, operators don't require prior cutting experience. The interface systematically guides you though each step of the process and automatically adjusts parameters according to specific job types and materials.

Maximum throughput.
Quick, accurate set-up and self-adjusting cutting intelligence allow operators to start cutting faster and with greater efficiency. Better productivity and workflow increase your output of cut parts and shorten lead times.

Optimal first-run yield.
Gerber Paragon is intelligent enough to understand that there's a fine balance between cut speed and part quality. It analyzes the requirements of each job and tailors parameters to maximize speed and optimize quality – delivering cut parts that are perfect the first time.

Reliability is built into every Gerber Paragon cutter. Its simplified design along with new technologies such as brushless motors, distributed controls and extended-life sharpening stones deliver the highest possible uptime of any cutting system.

Metrics that matter.
Workflow issues that were once difficult and time consuming to analyze are now captured with a single click, giving managers access to critical data that helps them eliminate inefficiency in the cutting process.

Integrated data sharing.
Gerber Paragon is integrated with Gerber’s AccuMark® CAD and automated spreading systems. Cutter operators no longer need to search for a file – they simply scan a barcode to retrieve the job’s specific parameters.

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