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GERBERcutter DCS 2500

The high-speed, highly accurate static cutting system

Computer controlled, the GERBERcutter® DCS 2500 cutting system is the high-speed, single -ply static table cutter, engineered to cut a wide variety of materials.

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The GERBERcutter® DCS 2500 is a high-speed, single-ply static table cutter designed to cut a wide range of materials. This computer-controlled system is available in various width and length configurations.

Easy to install and use.
Because the GERBERcutter DCS 2500 is highly intuitive, the transition from manual cutting is easy. The system is available in various width and length configurations, giving you the flexibility to meet your needs.

Precisely cut parts.
Using a powerful vacuum system to hold material firmly in place during cutting, the DCS2500 ensures the highest quality cut parts.

Incredible versatility.
The cutting head is designed to accommodate three tools simultaneously to minimize tool changes. Choose from straight knives, wheel knives, notching tools and punches. Also includes a pen for annotation.