Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes: Integrated digital solution leads to a 30% increase in productivity.


Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes S.A., a clothing company in Portugal, is always looking for ways to evolve and improve their manufacturing process and the services they provide to their customers — aiming for greater creativity and innovation. Partnering with Gerber for over 19 years, Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes S.A. has integrated Gerber’s full suite of products from design through production and increased productivity by 30%.

Klaussner: Harnessing automation to save time, material and labor for improved profitability.


As a leading furniture provider, Klaussner Home Furnishings, relies on Gerber’s automated cutting and pattern design systems to save time, material and labor while delivering improved profitability. By automating their fabric upholstery and leather cutting processes, Klaussner was able to train cutter operators in only a few weeks, compared to several months for hand cutting.

Groupe Beneteau: High-volume, customized cutting is the key to increased productivity.

Composites, Transportation

Groupe Beneteau is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction and offering the best possible service. In the boating world, the most desirable products are the ones that are customized with diverse specifications including layout, design and color. In order to meet consumers’ expectations, they needed to implement a solution that would offer both high performance and the ability to customize to meet each consumer’s need.

Wolf Lingerie: Diversifying for Success


Wolf Lingerie of France relies on the AccuMark pattern design and grading software to communicate with its manufacturing facilities in other countries using the system’s automatic language translation of part annotation and model-specific notes. Precise market segmentation and a clearly defined distribution strategy enable Wolf Lingerie to serve distinct markets and exceed customer expectations.

Stanton Sofas: Connecting design and business systems to improve data integrity.


Stanton’s search for an information-based solution to manage its markers was fulfilled by Gerber’s AccuMark pattern design system and its relational database functionality. With minimal IT assistance, Stanton successfully connected AccuMark with its ERP system, using Microsoft® SQL Server® as the information bridge.