Longratex increase productivity by 50% with Gerber Technology's fashion design software


Longratex, a Portugal-based company, manufactures baby, children’s and women’s clothing for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, which includes over 600 retail stores in Portugal and the UK. The company also successfully manages its own baby and children’s brand, Patachou, and women’s wear brand, Sophia Kah. By leveraging Gerber’s 2D/3D CAD fashion design software, sophisticated cut planning solution, and nesting solution, Longratex is fully prepared to take on the next challenge: customization.

Brooks Brothers: Automated fabric pattern matching to ensure accuracy across all cut parts prior to cutting.


With a digital transformation under way, Brooks Brothers sees the need for mass customization while still providing customers with a product that is tailored to their needs. They have always looked for seamless systems that allow them to produce the quality product that they have been known for for over 2 centuries while keeping up with the demand. 

Best Home Furnishings: Integrated digital and automation solutions bring quality products to market quickly and affordably.


With Gerber’s Digital Solutions, Best Home Furnishings has picked up 2-3% savings on fabric utilization and a 30-35% improvement in throughput. The versatility of the programs and how they integrate with various products throughout the organization has allowed them to continue to offer quality products, in a timely manner.

ACORfato: Great precision and accuracy lead to a 5% decrease in material waste.


ACORfato Indústria de Confecções, SA, a manufacturer of men’s suits, was founded in 1989 in a garage with only 28 employees. With a focus on quality and innovation through an efficient and faster response to the customer, ACORfato now has 247 employees and a production capacity of 400 pieces per day. ACORfato has relied on Gerber Technology as its technological partner since 1997, having invested quite substantially in Gerber CAD and CAM equipment over the years.

Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes: Integrated digital solution leads to a 30% increase in productivity.


Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes S.A., a clothing company in Portugal, is always looking for ways to evolve and improve their manufacturing process and the services they provide to their customers — aiming for greater creativity and innovation. Partnering with Gerber for over 19 years, Miguel Sousa Confeçcoes S.A. has integrated Gerber’s full suite of products from design through production and increased productivity by 30%.