Wolf Lingerie: Diversifying for Success


Wolf Lingerie of France relies on the AccuMark pattern design and grading software to communicate with its manufacturing facilities in other countries using the system’s automatic language translation of part annotation and model-specific notes. Precise market segmentation and a clearly defined distribution strategy enable Wolf Lingerie to serve distinct markets and exceed customer expectations.

Stanton Sofas: Connecting design and business systems to improve data integrity.


Stanton’s search for an information-based solution to manage its markers was fulfilled by Gerber’s AccuMark pattern design system and its relational database functionality. With minimal IT assistance, Stanton successfully connected AccuMark with its ERP system, using Microsoft® SQL Server® as the information bridge.

Unitech Composites & Structures: Airborne intelligence made possible by manufacturing intelligence.


Boeing's newest reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft is manufactured with the combination of Gerber's automated nesting software and computer-controlled cutting system and Virtek's laser ply layup system. The combination of these automation systems dramatically improved material utilization as well as the quality and accuracy of the ply layup process.

Burlington Medical Supplies: Reduced lead times and optimized material utilization with AccuMark Made-to-Measure.


Protective X-ray apron manufacturer, Burlington Medical Supplies, depends on Gerber’s AccuMark Made-to-Measure (MTM) software and conveyorized, single-ply cutting equipment to reduce lead times and improve material utilization.

Bentley Motors: Producing custom automotive interiors while improving hide and material utilization.


Bentley Motors began an intensive evaluation of all systems available on the market: they chose Gerber Technology's Taurus leather cutter, installed two systems, and achieved an 8-10 percent improvement in hide utilization. The company also relies on AccuMark for automotive interior pattern design and nesting, and an inkjet plotter for documentation purposes.