Randa Accessories: Enabling Real-Time Collaboration with Supply Chain Partners.


Randa Accessories is the world’s largest men’s accessories company with 75 brands. Randa’s vision was to have a truly global, well-connected and collaborative vendor network. They needed supply chain partners to collaborate with them throughout the product design lifecycle, on tech packs, sample requests, quotes, and more. They also needed a PLM system that was highly visual so all employees could easily reference the same information.

Matrix Composites: Cutting through the offshore drilling business.


An Australian manufacturer reduced labor in the cutting area by 70 percent, offcut scrap by 60 percent and minimized post-layup trimming using a GTxL to cut a fiberglass/aramid composite used to make buoyancy modules to transport oil to the ocean surface.

An Phuoc Company: Respect gained for implementation of manufacturing automation systems.


An Phuoc Company, a garment manufacturer in Vietnam, relies on Gerber automation systems, including AccuMark pattern design software, to control labor costs and earn the respect of foreign trading partners.

Commercial Sewing: Staying price competitive on small lot orders with the GERBERcutter Z1.


The GERBERcutter® Z1 enables an American manufacturer of canvas covers for boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and personal watercrafts to produce more products in smaller lot sizes to respond to customer demands and still remain competitive on pricing.

Cutter & Buck: Elevating Suppliers to Collaborative Partners.


Cutter & Buck, a Washington-based manufacturer of upscale golf and sporting apparel, sells product in more than twenty-five countries. Before implementing YuniquePLM, its design and development teams maintained product information in Excel® spreadsheets, Adobe® Illustrator® drawings, CAD designs and personal email folders. The all-too-familiar result was a process that was difficult to manage and provided little visibility into internal and external processes and workflows.