Thermapply: An entrepreneur turns to automation to realize exponential growth.

Sign & Graphics

A sign-making company saves more than seven man-hours by using a GERBERcutter® DCS 1500 to cut thick, rigid thermoplastic materials. In addition, it also enables them to respond faster to customer demands and delivers much higher material yields.

Active Lifestyle: Eliminating Weeks from Product Development Cycles.


One of the world’s leading marketers of branded casual, outdoor and active footwear and apparel reduced cycle time by five weeks in the first season alone after implementing YuniquePLM. The division eliminated data discrepancies and freed up time to focus more energy on product development and on streamlining internal processes.

Valley Apparel: Automating order processing with AccuMark batch processing.


Valley Apparel, a manufacturer of outerwear for military and law enforcement personnel, turned to AccuMark® Batch Processing to automate their order entry through marker file creation.

Randa Accessories: Enabling Real-Time Collaboration with Supply Chain Partners.


Randa Accessories is the world’s largest men’s accessories company with 75 brands. Randa’s vision was to have a truly global, well-connected and collaborative vendor network. They needed supply chain partners to collaborate with them throughout the product design lifecycle, on tech packs, sample requests, quotes, and more. They also needed a PLM system that was highly visual so all employees could easily reference the same information.

Matrix Composites: Cutting through the offshore drilling business.


An Australian manufacturer reduced labor in the cutting area by 70 percent, offcut scrap by 60 percent and minimized post-layup trimming using a GTxL to cut a fiberglass/aramid composite used to make buoyancy modules to transport oil to the ocean surface.