Groupe Beneteau: High-volume, customized cutting is the key to increased productivity.

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Groupe Beneteau, a family-owned boatyard, is a leading global player in the boating sector. With 15 brands, they cover everything from sailing to motor boating, from mono hulls to catamarans. Groupe Beneteau, which was started in 1884, built the first motorized sardine fishing boat in 1910 and has been dedicated to innovation ever since. They currently have over 8,200 employees at 27 production sites worldwide.


Groupe Beneteau Customized BoatsGroupe Beneteau is committed to maximizing customer satisfaction and offering the best possible service. In the boating world, the most desirable products are the ones that are customized with diverse specifications including layout, design and color. In order to meet consumers’ expectations, they needed to implement a solution that would offer both high performance and the ability to customize to meet each consumer’s need.  


In order to remain a leading global player in Europe’s competitive boating industry, Groupe Beneteau needed to find a way to improve their workflow, uptime and throughput for the cutting of fiberglass materials and the production of all boat hulls while still being able to offer high-performance products at a competitive cost.


Beneteau and Gerber Z1 CutterGroupe Beneteau added six of Gerber’s single-ply cutters, the GERBERcutter® Z1, at one of their central plants, allowing them to easily handle high volume, customized cutting. The implementation of the GERBERcutters helps the company cope with cutting a total of 40 different composite materials leading to, on average, 300 individual nesting processes per week.


When Groupe Beneteau added the GERBERcutter’s to their workflow, they were able to double their productivity and create boat kits in less than a day. Gerber’s powerful CutWorks® software was able to greatly reduce cutting times and improve cut quality. In addition, Gerber’s JetPen and Display ID solutions allowed Groupe Beneteau to improve their picking and sorting process as well.

KEY BENEFITS:undefined

  • Doubled productivity with high-speed cutting. 
  • Maximum energy efficiency.
  • Improved picking and sorting processes with Display ID and JetPen.
  • Intuitive user interface that makes the workflow process simple and easy.
  • Analyze system throughput, material yield, processing times and individual job statistics through comprehensive reports. 

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