ICICLE: Leverage Digital Assets to Ensure Brand Consistency.


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ICICLE iS ONE OF THE MOST RESPECTED BRANDS IN CHINA. Since the company was formed in 1997, it has directed its efforts to promoting harmony with the environment.

ICICLE is a vertically-integrated company with its own designers, technical designers, product developers and pattern makers. It manufactures product in its own factories and manages logistics as well as distribution to retail stores. ICICLE imports high-quality, natural materials from all over the world. To counter fierce market competition, ICICLE invested in bringing to market high end product lines that had intricate and unique designs, materials and construction details.

It was important that the team be able to leverage past digital assets in the company and collaborate to replicate success of the products released in the past. Most of the digital assets and past details were not available in a central location and it took them longer to manage product design. They needed a system that could help them communicate and collaborate more effectively and improve the overall management of their many product lines.

ICICLE was already a user of Gerber's AccuMark® pattern design, grading and marker making software. Based on this relationship, ICICLE decided to continue to partner with Gerber and implement the YuniquePLM™ product lifecycle management software for the business.

With minimum configurations and a fast-start implementation, they were up and running in five months. ICICLE initially used YuniquePLM for one complete vertical line. During this period, they installed 80 PLM user licenses and 20 supplier licenses.

By leveraging their digital assets, ICICLE was able to nurture designers to reach new levels of creativity that were aligned with ICICLE's high standards. They were able to significantly improve the product development process, reduce the number of sample iterations and create faster prototypes/concepts.

Since ICICLE is vertically integrated, savings in product development time ensured that they can bring products to market much faster.


The Client: ICICLE, China’s leading eco-friendly fashion brand

Brief about client business: Based in Shanghai, ICICLE is one of the most respected brands in China selling womenswear, menswear and infants clothing through more than 100 franchised and branded shops across China. The company's sales and profits have grown significantly year-on-year for the past several years.

The Challenge: As a brand committed to offering quality eco-friendly products, ICICLE imports high-quality, natural materials from all over the world. They needed a system to manage the entire product development process. ICICLE wanted to improve not only the overall management of its product lines but also efficiencies in pattern design, sample making, technical design, materials procurement, costing and supplier management.

The Solution: With YuniquePLM, ICICLE was able to take advantage of its expansive library of technical drawings, style images, concept images and material images to promote collaboration and stay ahead of the design curve.

The Benefits: With YuniquePLM, ICICLE was able to connect the business process with the creative process. Collaboration became easier and concept-to-prototype time decreased.


  • By having access to a complete library of digital assets, including technical drawings, style images, concept images and material images, ICICLE was able to bring new designers up to speed much faster.
  • With YuniquePLM, ICICLE had a system that was integrated with their AccuMark pattern design system and it was possible to integrate all details around the product development process.
  • They were able to considerably reduce the number of sample iterations, as the system enabled dynamic sharing of construction details.

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