Students Embrace Every Moment of #ideationGT Fashion Competition

Dienstag, November 24, 2015Kategorien: Mode & Bekleidung, Blog, Software

The Gerber fashion design competition for ideation2015 was truly all about the journey just as much as the destination. Students from colleges all over the country were challenged to re-create pieces that belong to Charlotte Smith’s “The Darnell Collection” from five different eras in a runway style contest. Smith’s dream for her collection to serve as an educational and inspirational tool for those who appreciate the classic styles of clothing was truly fulfilled as students chose garments from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and gave them a modern spin.

undefinedThe students participating in the competition brought the art of fashion to life by telling their stories through social media from start to finish. They illustrated each detail of their journey from first sketches and pattern making, to digitizing, ending in the final design. This allowed for the audience not only to make an emotional connection with their designs, but to climb inside of each designer’s head, if only for a moment, and understand their passion for fashion, and the inspiration behind their creation.

Those who were actively engaged in each story were able to learn along with the students as they navigated through each exciting step in the birth of their concept. Followers saw students through crucial moments such as fabric shopping and learned new industry lingo like, “tracing a drape”. What started as simple measurements on paper slowly evolved and came to life during a fast-paced design process.

undefinedThe Darnell Collection, rare and vintage, serves as a storyteller of the past, and a living example of years of amazing creations that were born from the brilliant minds of the fashion world. Students seized the opportunity and lived up to the challenge of allowing these stories to live on by paying tribute while adding their own brilliance with a contemporary flair.

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