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What’s New in OMEGA 2.6
Multimedia Overview

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OMEGA 2.6 is a maintenance release for the
latest version of the OMEGA software that adds
further refinement and functionality as well as
faster processing to the 2.5 release.

Gerber OMEGA 2.5 and 2.5.1 users
can download this upgrade for FREE at

Gerber OMEGA 2.6

Works with Windows Vista computers

Works with Windows® Vista™

OMEGA 2.6 can operate with Windows® Vista®, Windows XP (32 & 64 bit) and Windows 2000 Operating systems.

Backwards Compatible
Save files to be compatible with previous
versions. OMEGA 2.6 files can be opened
in 2.5.1 without conversion.

Gerber Sabre™ Routers Cut Faster

Sabre routers will cut quicker when contours are processed in ARTPath. Cut speed now more closely reflects the output speed set by the operator.

Click on “Use Software Contour Logic” in the lower right corner of the Job Output dialog box. See the What’s New document for complete instructions.

Faster Gerber Sabre routers

Time Tracking capabilities

Time Tracking Capabilities

The amount of time spent editing a file is
now tracked in the properties dialog box.

A log file of all file access activity can also be created and viewed. Keep track of all file open and save activity, and view or clear the log file as needed.

Time Tracking Video

Tools Toolbar

The new Tools toolbar offers quicker access to commonly used functions in the tools menu like Outline, Shadow, Warp, Distortion, Effects, Repeats Merge and Posterize Image/Raster to Vector.

Tools Toolbar Video

Tools Toolbar

Improved Context Menus

Improved Context Menus

New features have been added to the Detail Edit,
Text on the Worksurface, and Tools context menus
to allow faster right-click access to commonly
used functions.

Improved Context Menus Video

Import Multiple Files At Once

Import now allows multiple files to be imported
during a single import operation. Select multiple
files in the Import dialog box, then follow the
instructions displayed on the cursor.

Multiple Import Video

Import multiple files at once

Improved object spacing

Improved Object Spacing

Spacing now allows objects to be spaced at a
customized distance. Turn off Automatic in the
Distance box and enter a new value in the
Horizontal or Vertical text boxes.

Improved Object Spacing Video

Generate Print-to-Cut Targets

Print-to-Cut targets for the GerberCUT option
for the Sabre router can be placed around jobs
or objects manually or automatically. Simply select
the new tool in the Construction toolbar.

Generate Targets Video

Generate Print-to-Cut targets

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