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What’s New in OMEGA 5.0 
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OMEGA 5.0 includes dozens of new features and
enhancements, as well as improvements to
many existing functions to offers more intuitive,
easier usage. This page is a summary of some
of the highlights offered in this latest release.


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OMEGA 5.0 Overview

OMEGA 5.0 includes features that save time preparing for and outputting to various devices, and helps users optimize their production with tools to automatically leverage features that already exist.

While OMEGA 4.0 included scores of features for output, OMEGA 5.0 improves upon them with time saving features for output for vinyl cutting, routing, GERBER EDGE® and EDGE FX™ thermal transfer printing and inkjet workflow/import/export improvements.

OMEGA 5.0 Overview

EDGE FX Hi-Rez Mode

Improved GSPPlot
Look & Feel

  • Easily see more information
  • Customizable GSPPlot toolbars

GSPPlot Video



GSPPlot Weedlines

  • Add cut lines to plot jobs to make it easier
    to remove background vinyl.

GSPPlot Weedlines Video

Faster Rendering of AutoText, AutoNumber Repeats


Easier Backcut Decals (Crack and Peel)

Raster To Vector (R2V) Improvements

  • Better conversion of images to vectors Video
  • Image Preprocessing Video
  • Blended R2V engines Video
  • Centerline R2V Video
  • Decal Cut with resample Video
  • OCR Video


SplView Enhancements

  • SPLView Preflight tool enhancements Video
  • Preview jobs from GQManager Video
  • FoilAdjust from Splview Video
ART Path Automatic Nesting


Automatic Halftones for the GERBER EDGE

Distort Gradient Fills

Distort Gradient Fills Video



FHWA Interim-Approval Fonts

  • U.S. Federal Highway Administration Fonts are included in OMEGA 5.0
  • Interim approval: See the FHWA website for usage details

FHWA Interim-Approval Fonts Video

Import Enhancements


Composer Enhancements

Composer On-Screen Fills

  • Assign linear fills, radial fills, percentage tints
  • New on-screen fill toolbar

Composer On-Screen Fills Video



Nesting in Composer

Save time and material by fitting shapes and designs together automatically in Composer.

Nesting in Composer Video

Choke Spread and Auto "Strokes for Chokes"


Plotter Smart Start

Create Individual Barcodes

  • Generate a single barcode from any text in Composer.
  • Autotext / Autonumber is not needed for single barcodes.

Create Individual Barcodes Video



Automatic Guidelines

  • Create Guidelines from selected objects
  • Faster, better precision

Automatic Guidelines Video

Plotter Smart Start



and Much More!

  • Check for Software Updates Video
  • GSPPlot Perforation Cut Video
  • Import and Export Improvements
  • ART Path Rule Processing by Layers
  • GSPPlot Automatic Job and Output Archiving
  • Easier Metric Units in Composer

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