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As the fashion industry needs to transform to survive and thrive, companies need to have an efficient and flexible process. Whether uniform, workwear or lingerie, Gerber’s end-to-end solution empowers both mass production and made-to-order manufacturing to ensure fashion and apparel brands, retailers and manufacturers can always be agile and adapt quickly to every market demand and industry challenge.

Fashion Transformation

Start your transformation.

In order to truly be successful in an ever changing industry, you need a fast, agile and efficient supply chain that can quickly respond to market demands. Whether you’re just starting your digital journey or are an expert in all the latest technology, Gerber’s team of professionals can help you build a fully connected supply chain that will provide you with the flexibility, insight and transparency you need to be successful.

Digitally transform

Fashion Mass Production

Streamline high volume production.

From plan to design to produce, Gerber’s end-to-end solution makes mass production fast and efficient. Backed by IoT, the integrated supply chain leverages industry-leading software and hardware solutions that automate the design, development, marker making, cut planning and production processes.

Optimize mass production


Fashion CAD Software

Give consumers the power to customize.

Consumers want products that match their individual style, which is why customization is a must. Gerber’s end-to-end solution for on-demand manufacturing turns ideas into final products in just a matter of hours. Backed by their industry-leading software and hardware solutions, Gerber’s process makes made-to-order incredibly easy through seamless integration from design to print to cut to sew. Gerber’s end-to-end solution offers several options for personalization including custom sizing, style options and digital printing of images.

Streamline made to order

PLM for Fashion

Stay connected no matter where you are.

Gerber’s PLM solution, YuniquePLM®, allows you to stay connected with your team and supply chain whether you’re in the office or working remotely. The cloud-based application easily ensures collaboration and consistent data at every step by integrating with your ERP system and other solutions you’re already using. YuniquePLM’s flexibility improves traceability, provides more insight into your production, and makes it easy to manage your products. YuniquePLM offers regular, free updates so you can be sure you always have the latest and greatest version.

Plan & Design with YuniquePLM

3D for fit & sampling

Get the perfect fit without extra costs.

The better your clothes fit, the more likely your customers will remain loyal to your brand and decrease costly returns from e-commerce. With Gerber’s powerful AccuMark® Product Family, you’ll be able to visualize your patterns and validate fit in AccuMark 3D, estimate costs in AccuNest™, and quickly make any necessary changes to the pattern in AccuMark 2D without ever having to create a physical sample. In addition to saving time, money and resources, Gerber's AccuMark 3D solution will also improve the design to cost method allowing you to easily optimize margins.

Get the perfect fit

Zero Buffer Cutting

Improve your material yield with automated marker making.

Time, money and materials are all things that should never be wasted. Gerber’s automated nesting solution, AccuNest™, gives you the speed, efficiency and material savings you need to maintain your margins, reduce mistakes and optimize your marker making strategy. AccuNest leverages powerful algorithms for more precise calculations that will improve material utilization, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

Maximize material savings

Pedrosa & Rodrigues digitize with Gerber software

Pedrosa & Rodrigues integrate for success.

Portuguese women and menswear manufacturer, Pedrosa & Rodrigues, has been supplying the world’s top brands with quality garments since 1982. For more than three decades, Gerber Technology has been Pedrosa & Rodrigues’ trusted technology partner and has played a critical role in helping them digitally transform. By leveraging Gerber’s end-to-end solution, Pedrosa & Rodrigues is able to stay ahead of their competition and easily respond to market demands.

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Gerber Atria Multi-Ply Cutter

Transform the CAD to cut room process.

No matter the type of material you’re working with, you need a fast and efficient CAD to cut room process. Gerber’s cut planning tool, AccuPlan™, seamlessly integrates with the Gerber Atria™ Digital Cutter to ensure maximum precision.  With up to zero buffer cutting, powerful algorithms and state-of-the-art reporting capabilities, the Gerber Atria Cutter will reduce material waste by as much as 40%, improve throughput by 50% and allow you to deliver products to market faster than ever before.

Discover the Gerber Atria Digital Cutter

Fashion On Demand

Made-to-measure made easy.

Get connected with the latest technology at the Gerber Technology Innovation Center in New York City. This innovative experience features a fully-connected microfactory that will design, print and cut customized garments in just a matter of hours. Every visitor to the Innovation Center will have the opportunity to personalize a garment using Gerber’s YOU eCommerce platform and watch it come to life during their tour. The Innovation Center is also host to regular events that discuss the latest technology and industry challenges.

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Get support from the experts.

Whether you need a service contract, training or advice from the experts, Gerber has your back. Gerber’s team of experts has the knowledge and experience helping companies of all industries and sizes digitally transform. With a wide range of service, training and support options, you’ll get exactly what you need to optimize your business and build a strong, digital foundation.

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In their words: Hickey Freeman
“AccuMark improves our daily workflow from trying new design options and pattern manipulation to reducing samples and material costs. The Gerber team has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, helping us understand the best way to use AccuMark every day as well as finding ways to improve the tools and features we use to ensure our future success.”
Jeffery Diduch
Senior Vice President of Design, Hickey Freeman
In their words: Filson
“When we were looking to implement a PLM solution, the head of IT said YuniquePLM was the Cadillac of PLM systems. It’s the best solution on the market.”
June Evans
Director of Technical Design, Filson
In their words: Cintas Corporation
“We depend on the suite of AccuMark products to quickly serve the uniform needs of our customers and having a subscription helps us greatly in balancing our workflow by allowing us to bring in temporary contract help when needed. It also helps bolster our bottom line because we do not have to make the long-term financial commitment for a permanent key.”
Jeanne Ottenwell
Production Pattern Design Manager, Cintas Corporation
In their words: LNS CAD Services
“After working with 3D as much as I have this year, I honestly can't live without it. I have much more confidence in the patterns that I produce because I have the ability to put them on the Avatar first and see how it's all going to go together. From a patternmaking standpoint, this is really a powerful tool to make sure it's going to fit first.”
Lisa Lowell
LNS CAD Services

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