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What's New in the AccuMark Platform

The world's most intelligent pattern design, grading, marker making, and production planning software.

AccuMark 11, the ultimate digital toolkit driving the digital design revolution.

AccuMark 11

  • Create costing markers in multiple widths to identify the ideal marker width for material savings
  • Create PDF files directly from Pattern Design
  • Model Editor print enhancements such as notes for fabric and pieces as well as layout customization
  • New Replace Image functionality to quickly swap Images within a marker
  • Automate Print File Creation with Batch Processing
  • Enrichments to AccuMark Explorer Preview Pane
  • More efficient Easy Marking work area
  • Improved Easy Order Work Flow
    • Assign values from the Fabric Table automatically
    • Automate Marker Order Naming
    • Submit directly to Batch Processing

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AccuMark 3D 11

  • Improved 3D fabric simulation
  • Simplify pre-simulation by placing pieces directly on the avatar
  • Image grading and scaling applied to graded sizes can be visualized in AccuMark 3D
  • Expanded library of avatars lets users simulate graded samples to validate fit and design for your entire size range. 
  • Ease-of-use enhancements such as individual pieces simulation and improved cylinder editing

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AccuPlan 11

  • Automatic recognition of assigned editors such as Lay Limits, Block Buffer, Alterations and Size Codes (Model Editor) to be used during cut planning and marker generation
  • Sectional markers generated by AccuPlan are now automatically recognized by AccuNest
  • Ability to plan multi-color fabric rolls with different widths and propose best solution best on fabric widths
  • Multiple marker bundle combinations with Marker Generator
  • Reports
    • New Tracking Production report
    • Auto creation in XML format
    • More customization tools

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