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YuniquePLM Integration

Software Integration Partnerships

YuniquePLM and the tools you love are the perfect match.

YuniquePLM comes with a variety of integrations to help your team work the way they are most comfortable, allowing them to be more agile, productive and effective. Fully integrating your PLM software provides a much deeper level of detail and enables better collaboration, planning and costing in the product development lifecycle. 

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Design SuiteDesign Suite Plugin:
Design Suite enables users to create and modify styles, color palettes and images in YuniquePLM without leaving Adobe® Illustrator® – including support for Artboards! This allows your designers to continue to work in the tools they are most comfortable with.

Digital LibraryAccuMark: 
All digital assets created in YuniquePLM Design Suite can be directly imported into AccuMark to use in the technical design process. Models and Markers created in AccuMark can be directly linked to styles within YuniquePLM and be made part of your tech packs to vendors.

Pointcarré is a design software created specifically for the apparel industry that allows you to easily create and manipulate patterns, and utilize images and color palettes directly from YuniquePLM. 

A&E® Thread: 
A&E ThreadA full library of threads, in all color options, available directly within the YuniquePLM material library. By simply using drag-and-drop to
add colors and threads, this robust integration simplifies the jobs of designers and product developers.

Pantone® Color Libraries
PantoneYuniquePLM's color folder includes over 10 Pantone libraries for easy color management of new and existing color palettes. These colors are then made available within all YuniquePLM color palettes including other tools such as Design Suite, Pointcarré and PowerGrid.

The YuniquePLM PowerGrid extension simplifies and speeds data entry and evaluation. PowerGrid is a table-like interface MuleSoft Workflowthat lets you capture, edit, and copy data in bulk, and perform real-time data analysis.

MuleSoft is a mature, well-regarded tool that integrates disparate systems both on premise and in the cloud. MuleSoft is capable of connecting to a vast number of common enterprise systems and has the ability to understand and communicate with YuniquePLM Cloud, making it easier for an organization to seamlessly integrate PLM into their existing systems.

ERP Solutions:
YuniquePLM also integrates with a wide variety of ERP solutions allowing you to leverage the data from YuniquePLM in your other solutions.