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Product lifecycle management software for the apparel and retail industries

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Innovation through inspiration can strike at any time. YuSnap™ Mobile App combines creativity with efficiency to further accelerate the fashion product development process with YuniquePLM®. While on the go, design, development, merchant and sourcing teams can easily capture and share digital photos for inspiration, communication and collaboration.

Available on the App Store, YuSnap is specifically developed for iOS® devices to enable users to capture photos, and instantly synchronize them with YuniquePLM when the device is connected to the Internet. YuSnap features:

  • Secure access to all digital assets and instant synchronization with YuniquePLM.
  • Launch of the device camera within the app.
  • Photo categories to organize pictures by concept, style, artwork and material
  • Keyword searches and industry proven metadata.

Designers can quickly capture and share inspirational photos, while merchants and sales professionals are able to better communicate visually with photos and comments. YuSnap is an intuitive and easy to use app from YuniquePLM Mobility Suite, compatible with YuniquePLM v5 or later.

iOS® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.