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Product lifecycle management software for the fashion and apparel industry

Reporting & Analysis

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Make informed business decisions with up-to-the-minute data presented in visual format in personalized Yunique business intelligence dashboards. Review information integrated from your ERP and other third-party systems to reach an end-to-end perspective.

undefinedCombining previously diverse and disconnected systems into a single-view for effective data management and visibility, YuniquePLM® gives decision makers the ability to access the necessary information they need to make smart choices. Data is presented in a highly-visual manner, providing answers to big questions at a glance, ultimately saving time that would otherwise be spent on amending or creating spreadsheets and graphs.

  • All of the information is always in one place so production partners know where to look for certain types of data.
  • The retailer’s use of pre-set materials libraries enable internal departments to cross-leverage raw materials more easily.
  • Having a unified library that is easy to search reduces needless re-development of materials that might already exist. The information shared can be pulled as a report with a higher level of accuracy while contributing to the final tech pack.