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GERBERcutter Z1 with AutoMatch

The automated matching solution that lets you do more and pay less.

Boost your throughput by as much as 75% with AutoMatch.

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Gerber’s AutoMatch™ is a stripe, plaid and five-star matching solution for apparel manufacturers that aligns fabric patterns across cut parts with unsurpassed accuracy. With AutoMatch, you can increase throughput by up to 75% and reduce labor costs by as much as 50%.

AutoMatch is the future of pattern matching.

Designed specifically for our innovative GERBERcutter® Z1, AutoMatch employs advanced digital vision technology to capture a single fluid image of the fabric pattern that automatically and precisely adjusts for placement errors, pattern variations and material distortions.

AutoMatch benefits include:

  • Automated matching that​ improves accuracy for most patterns
  • Automatic correction of bows, skews and repeat variances
  • Full-width image scanning for fast, accurate image capture
  • Reduced training time and labor cost through intuitive workflow
  • Eliminating the need for underlay paper and overlay film