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A comprehensive remote support package

GERBERconnect gives you the support you need when you need it.

Product Information

GERBERconnect™ is a proactive support package that maximizes the uptime and productivity of your Gerber system.* It enables our certified service professionals to diagnose your system in real-time via a secure Internet connection so you enjoy fast, effective remote support.

With GERBERconnect you will…

Receive comprehensive support. 

  • Proactively detecting system faults
  • Troubleshooting remotely
  • Uploading software enhancements
  • Providing assistance on system operation

Maintain security.

  • No change in IT security is needed to support remote services

Maximize uptime and productivity.

  • GERBERconnect detects faults in your system so they can be corrected quickly
  • Training is available via GERBERconnect

Optimize preventative maintenance.

  • GERBERconnect assists us in scheduling preventative maintenance visits based on your system usage, eliminating unnecessary visits ensuring peak performance and minimizing unexpected downtime

Recover faster.

  • GERBERconnect stores system backup configuration and setup files to facilitate repairs
  • GERBERconnect provides critical system information to field service engineers to help them identify and correct issues

*GERBERconnect is available on all single- and multi-ply GERBERcutters (operating Microsoft Windows® XP) and AccuMark v.8.0 or later.