Mass Production

Improve productivity, eliminate human error, enhance management visibility to work in process

Seamless Data Integration Between CAD and Cutting Rooms

Gerber Technology’s computer-aided design, spreading, and cutting systems are integrated to seamlessly share data. This enables users to maximize productivity, reduce errors, caused by manual data entry and manage work orders more effectively. All can be done in six quick and easy steps.

Using AccuMark’s Easy Plan module, users can generate a cut plan very quickly. Simply input model sizes, quantities, colors, and fabric types or import these details from your ERP system. Easy Plan creates the cut plan automatically and generates all marker files needed. undefined

How it Works

Step 1:
Users can interactively edit cut plan results, such as minimum and maximum plies per color and number of bundles.

undefinedStep 2:
When making markers, users have a choice. They can either place pieces manually or send markers to AccuNest™ for completely automated marker making. AccuNest employs powerful algorithms to analyze multiple nesting solutions and deliver the option with the highest material utilization.
Step 3: 
undefinedAccuMark generates a cut ticket report and a barcode containing the file name, material type, and number of plies needed for each spread in the work order.


Step 4:
The spreader operator simply scans the barcode and retrieves all necessary information to prepare the spread job, including number of plies, spread length, and spreading mode.
Step 5:
undefinedWhen the spread is complete, the spreading system’s wireless barcode printer generates a barcode label to attach to the top ply of the spread.  The spread then travels to the Gerber Paragon® or Atria™ Digital Cutter. The cutter operator scans the barcode to retrieve the proper cut file.
Step 6:
undefinedAfter cutting the job, the Gerber Paragon or Atria Digital Cutter system generate a report that details the number of parts cut and number of units cut (“metrics that matter”). With this information, managers are able to compare the details of the job cut with the original Easy Plan cut ticket and track work in progress more accurately.