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Single-Ply Material Feeder

Fast material feeding for single-ply cutting systems

Gerber’s Single-Ply Material Feeder makes material feeding fast, easy and safe.

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Used with automated, conveyorized cutting systems, Gerber’s Single-Ply Material Feeder features an electronically-controlled cradle to accurately feed material onto the cutting surface with little or no tension.

Maximize throughput.
The Gerber material feeder enables your single-ply cutting system to operate continuously or intermittently until the material roll is exhausted to maximize the throughput of your system.

Maintain edge accuracy.
The Gerber single-ply material feeder’s infrared edge control device allows you to maintain accurate edge control.

Work quickly and safely. 
Gerber’s Single-Ply Material Feeder is low to the floor, making roll loading fast, easy and safe. An optional motorized cradle tilt device is available.