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Product lifecycle management software for the fashion and apparel industry


Request for Quote Product Information

Collaborate directly with your supply chain to ensure your products are on time and on budget. Communicate in detail any updates in design, specification, and quotation to business partners complete with calendar milestones and notifications.

undefinedYuniquePLM® simplifies supply chain management and streamlines the collaboration between design teams, production teams, agents, vendors, and factories. By involving sourcing early on in the product development process, teams are able to directly collaborate with supply chain to ensure delivery of the right products, on time and at the right cost. With our integrated sourcing module, users can benefit from full visibility of the supply chain in one central location. YuniquePLM’s pre-set materials libraries enable internal departments to cross-leverage raw materials more easily. Having a unified library that is easy to search reduces needless re-development of materials that might already exist. All of the information is always in one place, so production partners know where to look for certain types of data.

  • Quickly assign Request for Quotations (RFQ) to multiple agents, vendors and factories.
  • Easily sample multiple styles using the Quick Sample Palette option.
  • Manage delivery dates, sizes, and colors as well as all collaboration with online RFQ processes.
  • Dispatch tech-packs, AR files, raw materials, quotes, samples, and commitments through YuniquePLM’s supplier portal, srmOn, in real-time.
  • Use the dynamic dashboards to stay informed on the status of all activities with trade partners regarding quotations, commitments and sample requests.
  • Access real-time status-to-compliance audits per location, corrective action plans with alerts and re-audit dates to manage product sourcing and compliance protocols.
  • Integrate with a variety of software solutions to help your team work the way they are used to.