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Come try out the new PDS features of v11 and v12. Some powerful new image functions have been added to AccuMark along with some exciting new grading and macro enhancments. Learn the best practices for using PDS in 2018.

Many features have been added to AccuMark to help you automate and improve your productivity. Join us for a top-to-bottom workflow-based class using the latest AccuMark version, from order entry through marking and cut file creation. Learn how small changes can make a big difference in your day-to-day activities. Share ideas with other users on the most effective ways to handle your most challenging tasks.

In this 3D training course AccuMarkers (new and experienced) will complete exercises in AccuMark 3D. Lessons in this course will show users how to create a 3D simulation from existing AccuMark models. New users will get a light and easy introduction to AccuMark’s 3D offering. Existing AccuMark 3D users will have an opportunity to explore the latest features.

Can I still use my old data? What about sending data to vendors? These are 2 of the most common questions we get from users upgrading to later versions. Join us for an informative session about compatibility between versions and best practices on how to store and maintain data. Data conversions to other CAD systems will also be covered. Learn tips and tricks using lots of examples from AccuMark data experts on how to stay compatible while staying current with the latest changes in AccuMark V11 and V12 software.

Adobe Plugin Deep Dive - Tips and Tricks - covers installing the plugin and best practices on how it can be used to provide short cuts for your designers - Focus on Artboards - Make sure to bring your laptops!

Get hands on with all of the new features that have been delivered over the last year and understanding on how you can stay on top of new features being released.

Learn how to configure YuniquePLM to meet your companies every changing needs. This class will cover everything you need to configure your yuniquePLM instance. Everything from adding new fields to a page, to learning how to enable some advanced settings within the application.

Hands-on deep dive on getting started with YuniquePLM and building your first tech pack and line list.

Integrations is a key part of any business and the systems that they work with. This session will cover a lot of the use cases and best practices on how you can integrate YuniquePLM with your on premise or other cloud applications via our APIs and Integration tools.

“Real” innovation is hard. Large, successful organizations achieved their greatness by superior execution in known markets. Innovation, however, happens in the great unknown. How can organizations discover new innovation without adversely affecting their core business?

Lean Innovation principles can help by providing a new way of working to reduce uncertainty and develop deep customer insights. Learning new ways to interact with customers, run purpose-built experiments, and leverage actionable data helps large, successful organizations move the needle.

In this session, Aaron Eden Co-founder and COO of Moves The Needle, will cover the basics of Lean Innovation, what acting like a startup really means, how to protect your core business, and how to create new value for customers.

Come see what's new in AccuMark v11 and v12. See the powerful new image functionality of V11 along with some exciting AM Explorer and model updates. V12 brings pattern making to a whole new level with the additon of double grading and enhanced macro functionality.

Your first sewing class introduced you to some new terms like “throat plate” and “feed dog”. This bit of sewing machine savvy made learning to sew a bit easier. Having an understanding of fundamental components can set users and organizations up for success. This look at 3D behind the scenes will provide a fundamental understanding of 3D, its necessary components and how 3D virtual samples relate to physical samples. These topics will be enhanced with further insight to help organizations identify the power users on their CAD team and identify factors of a successful implementation.

Automate the creation and modification of patterns with the new enhanced macro functionality in Pattern Design. Users now have the ability to create smaller component macros within a script to create an overall customizable product. Powerful editing components can be added, allowing the end user to modify recorded values on the fly.

Your users are continuously generating data for production. But how do you know all the data statistics? We have various reports, AccuMark Find to search for data of importance and generate reports, and a SQL CAD Relational database to query. We'll show you these and then - let's brainstorm! We are working on the ability to create customized reports for the information you need all in one report - join us for an interactive session and let us know what info you need to gather and how you would like it to be presented!

Batch Processing is a powerful, but often under-utilized, automation tool provided with the AccuMark software. You can easily automate repetitive daily tasks to save time and ensure accuracy. Learn how a tool you have today can make your life easier tomorrow!

Adoption of Gerber's Digital Solutions will enable data to freely flow from process to process. This means that data created in AccuPlan can be sent to spreading and cutting with an AccuMark Cut Ticket. This data can be updated and monitored as it moves from spreading to cutting, providing accurate, up-to-date information.

Uncertain about the future of your production expenses? AccuPlan ROI Calculator can help you analyze current practices and forecast better practices in your cutting and CAD rooms. The ROI Calculator allows you to use detailed informacion regarding fabric costs as well as time and labor cost for marking, spreading and cutting. You will be able to compare up to three different solutions and AccuPlan will indicate the best overall solution.

Learn tips and tricks to apply when creating your AccuMark data so you can improve cutting efficiency and quality. Make sure your cutter operators are given data and information to ensure the best possible cutting room results!

E-commerce is known for low conversion and high return rates. Sound familiar? Come see how Avametric's Virtual Try On can help your customers be more confident in product selection and purchase the size that fits.


CAD Hands-On Sessions

Optimizing your mass production workflow from order to cut parts may seem like a lofty goal. When orders are flying in, how can we take time to change our process? AccuPlan and AccuManager are the answer. See how effectively these powerful cut planning and managing tools can produce work orders that can be digitally tracked during production.

Set aside your seam ripper and step into the virtual sample room. Create a virtual sample from pre-existing AccuMark models to troubleshoot fit and fabrication issues.

Learn how AccuMark is revolutionizing the process of digital printing through an integrated solution in a hands-on environment. You will be able to quickly grade/scale, validate, and automate image placement in AccuMark to generate a color accurate and material efficient print file.

Take your pattern making to a whole new level with double grading and enhanced macro functionality! This course will show you how to use double grading to handle grading complexities such as garment lengths, waist drops and width variations. We will also introduce the new PDS macro capabilities which allow you to edit and pause your scripts.

YuniquePLM v8

We are excited to bring you the next generation of YuniquePLM. Come see first hand what the new YuniquePLM has in store for you and your business.

YuniquePLM Configurability and What's New

Find out what new changes have been made for you to further configure your YuniquePLM application including new application setting options.

Designers Tips & Tricks with YuniquePLM and Design Suite Adobe Plugin

See how you can take your YuniquePLM application to the next level with our Adobe Plugin integration. This session will show you tips and tricks on how your designers can better manage the digital assets they are working with in YuniquePLM.

On the Road Again: YuniquePLM Roadmap

Find out what's next for YuniquePLM. We will be directly looking at the roadmap activities for the next year and want to hear your feedback!

Getting Under The Hood: YuniquePLM Architecture Updates

Learn about YuniquePLM architecture updates to understand which technical changes are being made to the application. These improvements further improve upgradability, performance and customization support.

What's New with YuniquePLM - 150 News Features!

We've released over 150 new features over the last year. You wont want to miss this session!

Better Together: AccuMark & YuniquePLM Integrations

Learn how our AccuMark and YuniquePLM applications integrate with each other as part of a larger Digital Solution.

Integrating Cloud-to-Ground and Cloud-to-Cloud

Integrations is a key part of any business and the systems that they work with. This sessions will cover a lot of the use cases and best practices on how you can integrate YuniquePLM with your on premise or other cloud applications via our APIs and integration tools.


PLM Hands-On Sessions
YuniquePLM v8

You've seen it! Now try it out for yourself and take it for a spin. You can get a first hand look at the new YuniquePLM v8 UI.

Come and test out our new way of managing files in the application that will save your users lots of Time & CLICKS!

Learn by Clicking! Try out our new interative learning guided system built directly within YuniquePLM.

Get hands on with the latest updates that have been made to our system configurations including a look at some advanced system settings that you wont want to miss.

AccuMark Creator - Virtual Sample Management

Further capabilities to our AccuMark/YuniquePLM® Integration! See how our new AccuMark Creator can help you streamline your sample making process. Learn how you can reduce the number of physical samples, take advantage of virtual samples, track and collaborate your samples and patterns.

AccuMark Creator Hands-On

Whether you're a CAD or PLM user, you won't want to miss trying out our new Quick Sample module where creating, tracking and collaborating on samples is now easier than ever! Directly integrated between both CAD & PLM or can be used as a stand alone application for our AccuMark users.

Meet the Student Designers

They've come a long way, baby. Join us as we meet with the five finalists who competed in this year's student design competition. Learn all about their design journey, from concept to completion. Bring your own questions; you might even find your next employee.

The New GerberU

Get a first look at the new GerberU and the latest training available for all your Gerber solutions.

Mass Customization (Eastern Michigan University)

Mass Customization has attracted a lot of press over the years. Come hear the results of an industry survey on the subject. The survey results cover factors that can impact the effectiveness of a mass customization (MC) strategy. Organization is key!

3D in Action (Svensk Mönsterform)

Svensk Mönsterform is a Stockholm, Sweden based pattern making firm founded in 2002 by Cina Haas. The firm serves 25 to 30 customers covering categories like children’s, swimwear, formal and technical outerwear. In this case study, Lisa Areskogh and Maja Carlsson will discuss Svensk Mönsterform’s AccuMark 3D implementation. The team will share first-hand knowledge of AccuMark 3D using their own virtual samples to illustrate 3D in action.

The Possibilites for 3D are Boundless (G-Star)

Come hear G-Star's vision on how 3D technology can be used from inspiration and design to immersive online experiences.

Speed and Agitlity with Digital Solutions (Grosso Moda)

Grosso Moda delivers ‘custom made services’ to a wide variety of clients. They offer experience and knowledge in every stage of the fashion production cycle. Come see how Grosso Moda provides low cost, high quality product development and quick delivery, leveraging Gerber's digital solutions so their brand and retail customers can remain competitive.

AccuMark Success in the Cloud! (Cintas)

It's all about meeting demand, even in changing times! Come to hear this case study for details on how AccuMark Cloud brings Cintas success in times of increased volume and short production cycles.

CAD to Cut Room Integration (ACORfato)

Learn how ACORfato has been able to achieve great precision and accuracy in the optimization of consumptions. Between 3 and 5% cut in waste reduction led to better stock management and savings in fabrics.

Creativity Meets Productivity

This case study will highlight how Karla Colletto is on a journey to digitally integrate their workflow - highlighting how a well-planned adoption and training process has helped them to achieve great results by implementing YuniquePLM in the Cloud to centralize their data, driving greater design collaboration, improving quality and shortening their development cycles. They will also share how they are looking toward the next steps of full integrations connecting their complete suite of Gerber Technology products including AccuMark and their cutting-edge Gerber manufacturing solutions.

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