October 23-25New York, NY

ideation 2019

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Have many different product colors to choose from? AccuMark has you covered with the introduction of colorways! Join us to see the new functionality in action from development to production. Create integrated color options to view in AccuMark 3D or digitally print.

You've created a ton of data, now let's analyze. In AccuMark 12, we built a new UI for customizable reports and continued with updates per customer feedback. What results are you looking to retrieve?

We all know that change isn't easy, but in this case, the benefits are worth it. If you've been holding on to your AccuMark Classic Marking, it's time to make the transition to Easy Marking. Join us to learn about the easy-to-use features that you're missing out on.

You've heard the version 8 storage area is being phased out, so what does the mean for you and your customers? Join us to learn how to easily upgrade older verisioned storage areas to newer ones. Let us help you prepare for digitialization and the future of you and your AccuMark.

Effectively leveraging a 3D solution can be tricky but it doesn't have to be. Gain extensive knowledge on the 3D workflow and inputs needed for successfully creating virtual samples. You'll walk away with a clear roadmap of how to start designing in the next dimension.

You've probably heard about all the benefits that 3D can offer, but what does it all mean? In this session, we will review the different use cases for 3D in pattern development, virtual samples, graphic placement, design, collaboration and merchandising.

A new version of AccuMark is here! AccuMark 13 brings pattern making to a whole new level with the additon of proportional grading and exciting new shortcuts. Join us to see the powerful new colorway functionality of version 13 along with some inspiring PDS improvements and reporting features.

Learn all the ways you can ensure your Cutting Room has the right file each time and can correctly identify cut parts while bundling using Barcodes and the newly added QR codes.

Everyone wants to get tasks done faster and easier. In AccuMark we have many areas where information can be imported from ERP systems removing the burden of re-entering information to be processed. Tasks can be setup ahead of time and then processed automatically. Learn about the automation areas that can help you improve your accuracy and throughput.


CAD Hands-On Sessions

Digitally printed products are on the rise and AccuMark has a fully integrated end-to-end solution to efficiently generate print files. Learn how to enhance your image workflow with grading, replacement, and colorway options, including new support to maintain spot colors!

Take your grading to a whole new level with multi-dimensional and proportional grading! This course will show you how to use multi-dimensional grading to handle grading complexities such as garment lengths, waist drops and width variations. We will also introduce a BRAND NEW feature called proportional grading, which allows users to grade via linear or percentage values.

AccuMark Made-to-Measure has been given a face lift! Come see the new program with a new look that is ready to take on all the needs of an on-demand world!

Want to add virtual sampling to your workflow? In this hands-on session, we will walk you through the steps necessary to convert your 2D patterns into a true-to-life, 3D simulation. We'll cover fabric data, avatar setup, piece preparation and virtual stitching. Then you will see how to output your sample to formats that you can easily share with your partners.

YuniquePLM and AccuMark are better together! In this session, we'll cover how you can seamlessly pass data between our industry-leading software solutions. We'll also discuss the brand new 3D viewer.

On the Road Again: YuniquePLM Roadmap

Get a glimpse into the future of YuniquePLM! We'll show you a roadmap of activities planned for the year ahead and we want to hear your feedback!

Learn about PLM Architecture updates to understand which technical changes are being made to the application. These updates further improve upgradability, performance and customization support.

Take your designs to the next level with our Adobe Plugin integration. This sessions will show you tips & tricks on how designers can better manage digital assets.

YuniquePLM and AccuMark are better together! In this session, we'll cover how you can seamlessly pass data between our industry-leading software solutions. We'll also discuss the brand new 3D viewer.

In the last year, we've added over 150 new features to YuniquePLM. During this session, you'll catch up on all the features and updates that we've added!


PLM Hands-On Sessions

Gain hands-on experience with over 150 new features that we've released in the last year.

We've changed the way you interact with digital assets in YuniquePLM! Get hands on with the new Direct Access and drag & drop features.

You've seen it! Now try it out for yourself and take it for a spin. You can get a first hand look at the new YuniquePLM v8 UI.

Digitally Connected Microfactories in an On-Demand World

To thrive and survive in today's "see now, buy now" world, manufactuers need to take advantage of the latest technology. Join us to learn how to properly implement a microfactory and how to scale your infrastructure to take advantage of both local and cloud-based tools while customizing production worklfows to fit your business.

As mass customization and personalization continue to grow, it's important that producers of custom products have the right technology at the ready. Learn how to leverage AccuMark Made-to-Measure with Gerber's AutoMatch production system to create customized products.

Did you know that AccuMark can actually improve cut quality? In this session, CAD designers and cut room patterns can learn to leverage AccuMark features that impact cut quality and throughput in production.

Today, data plays a crucial role in success. During our session you'll gain insight into how the combination of remote connectivity and smart machines will continue to change the dynamic of supply chain management, production workflows, and equipment diagnostics.

AccuPlan has gotten some major updates over the last year! Join us and find out how cut planning has evolved to a whole new level! Great new features such as Fabric Roll Inventory and Allocation have been introduced. Learn how new powerful algorithms work with practical/real life scenarios improving your day-to-day activities. Share ideas with other users on the most effective ways to handle your most challenging tasks in the manufacturing workflows.

Uncertain about the future of your production expenses? AccuPlan ROI Calculator can help you analyze and improve current practices in your CAD and cut rooms. The ROI Calculator allows you to use detailed information regarding fabric costs as well as time and labor cost for marking, spreading and cutting.

AccuPlan is all new! In this session, you will get hands-on with version 12.2 and get a sneak peek of what's to come in version 13 which features Fabric Roll Inventory. Whether you're an expert in AccuPlan or just starting out, this session will teach you everything you need to know about AccuPlan's new tools and improved workflows.

The new and improved Gerber Univeristy is here! Come see the new platform in action and learn more about subscription passes for GerberU. On-demand learning, virtual instructor-led training and access to private "power hour" trainings will be discussed.

What's New in AccuMark 12.2 & 13

We've made some BIG updates to our industry-leading AccuMark over the last year! In this course you can learn all about the new and exciting features we have added in the last two major software releases. We will review all the cutting edge functionality and give you exercises to work through to help familiarize you with the new features.

Bring your designs to life in just hours not weeks or months! Join us in this session to use the power of automation within integrated Gerber hardware and software products to create, print, cut and sew in Gerber's own microfactory. We can achieve unique styling options, colorway selection, and fit to design a one of kind product made on demand!

Do you want to get serious about adopting 3D? In this half day hands on session we will walk you through the steps necessary to convert your 2D patterns into a true-to-life, 3D simulation. We'll take a deep dive to learn about fabric properties, avatar editing, importing and customization, piece preparation for special style features, virtual stitching and creating an efficient workflow. We will also cover all of the options to output your sample to formats that you can share with your partners.

AccuPlan 13 is on its way! V13.0 introduces its new member: AccuSpread. Whether you are a seasoned AccuPlan user or wanting to learn a full cut planning solution, this is the session for you. In this session, we will review the basic workflow for cut planning and get a sneak peek of the very first version of Fabric Roll Inventory. AccuPlan was already an amazing digital solution and, with its new addition, it's going boost your productivity up to the sky.

Are you currently an AccuMark 3D user? Do you have questions on specific functions or workflows? Do you need help simulating an especially tricky garment? During this session, you'll be able to conquer your challenges by getting one-on-one support from the experts.

Do you want to take your PLM skills to the next level? If you're a seasoned PLM user, attend this advanced session to learn a number tips, tricks and settings that will help further develop your skills in YuniquePLM.

Prepare to switch over to YuniquePLM v8 by getting a detailed, hands-on look of the new user interface.

Get more familar with PowerGrid and what it can do for your business in this hands-on session.

Learn how to build a Development Calendar and track application activities with this detailed, hands-on training.