Legal Disclosures


The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act – SB 657

California law requires companies to disclose their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their direct supply chains for goods offered for sale.

Gerber Technology and its affiliated companies (collectively, "Gerber") provide high-technology integrated software and hardware solutions to more than 78,000 customers in the aerospace, construction, furniture, fashion & apparel, transportation, technical textiles, packaging, wind energy and sign & graphics industries, including over 100 Fortune 500 companies in 134 countries.  Given the nature of our business requiring highly-educated, experienced, and skilled software and hardware developers and fabricators, the risks of child and forced labor in our supply chains are low.  Nonetheless, we are committed to ensuring that slavery and human trafficking are not taking place or being supported in our businesses or supply chains.

To that end, we take the following actions:

(1) Gerber is committed to responsible business ethics and conduct.  For our employees worldwide, we provide safe and healthy work environments.  We do not use child or forced labor. We work to protect the environment, reduce wastes, emissions, energy consumption and the use of materials of concern. Gerber provides human trafficking and slavery training to employees and management who have direct responsibility for supply chain management, particularly with

respect to mitigation risks within the supply chains of products.

(2)  Gerber expects its direct suppliers to adhere to comparable standards of business conduct.  Our standard contract terms and conditions of purchase require suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations and suitable standards of business conduct.  When required under our contracts with the U.S. Government, we include the pertinent provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”), including FAR 52.222-50, Combating Trafficking in Persons. Gerber requires suppliers to submit certifications where required by the FAR.

(3) When appropriate, we evaluate and address the risks of human trafficking and slavery in our businesses and supply chains.  Typically, such verification is not performed by a third party.  We do not in the normal course of business conduct audits (independent, unannounced or otherwise) of suppliers specifically to evaluate their compliance with company standards for trafficking and slavery in supply chains. However, any Gerber employee, contractor or other third party who observes such conduct may ask a question or raise concerns in confidence through Gerber’s EthicsPoint hotline @ 1-866-384-4277 or submitted electronically through the secure, encrypted internet connection at