A Letter from Our CEO

Thursday, February 11, 2021Categories: Corporate

Dear Valued Gerber Customer, 

It is with great excitement that I share with you that Gerber Technology and Lectra have signed a memorandum of understanding to combine the two companies. When it is complete, this will bring tremendous value to the industries that we both serve. For the last several years, the two companies have been operating with very similar visions and are now committed to working together to accelerate this shared strategy of creating efficiencies in our customers’ workflows through Industry 4.0 services and the digitalization of their operations.

By joining forces, we will accelerate our product roadmap and the value we can offer. The combined strength of the companies’ R&D engines will work together to create a comprehensive technology backbone for the industries we serve that ensures that our joint customers have access to the latest and greatest not only from Lectra/Gerber but also from other innovators throughout the industry who want to plug into our end-to-end solution.

Both Lectra and Gerber Technology have built successful businesses by being customer focused. That focus comes down to our complete portfolio of not just equipment and software, but exceptional customer support and services. None of that changes and continuing to serve you, our valued customer, remains our top priority. 

For now, nothing about your interaction with Gerber will change. You should continue to work with your respective Gerber sales executive to purchase and receive support for all of our products as you normally would. After the acquisition project is finalized, we will contact you with additional information. 

You can feel secure that if you purchase a product from either company today it will be supported.

For more than 50 years, Gerber Technology has served over 78,000 customers in over 134 countries. It has been a great privilege to do so, and we look forward to continuing that service in the future. 

Best regards, 

Mohit Uberoi
President and CEO