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Flat and Rotary Cutting System

Two powerful machines with one compact footprint

The FastTrak and RQL combination is the most advanced, flexible laser system in the industry.

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Now you can combine our FastTrak® flat laser and RQL rotary laser into a compact, efficient, all-in-one cutting system. Our unique diverter box lets you share one laser source between these two powerful cutters.

FastTrak Lasers.
FastTrak lasers set a new quality and performance standard for affordable laser cutting machines. Advanced technology provides low maintenance and user-friendly operation capable of cutting the highest quality dies, strippers and blanking tools. FastTrak employs AC brushless motors with a cutting-edge Pentium PC controller; the machines are driven by precision zero backlash pre-loaded ball screws.

RQL Lasers.
RQL lasers combine the latest laser technology with an easy-to-use, patented quick lock mounting system for faster setup and more throughput than traditional rotary fixtures. A 1,000 inch 5/8" shell can be set up and finished in under 30 minutes. With the optional Off-Line Rotary Mounting Fixture, you can set up the next shell while the laser is operating, allowing for board changeover in less than a minute.