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ML Series – Mid-Range Laser System

The optimum mid-range high-speed laser solution

The ML Series offers versatile cutting capability in a small package.

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The ML Series is Gerber’s latest addition to a long legacy of industry-leading laser systems. It draws on more than 20 years of experience and four years of advanced design and development.

Get up and running quickly.
The ML Series is the ideal die making system for the first-time user, as a back-up for an existing high range user or for the establishment of an in-house department by an end-user.

Work smarter, work better.
The Windows front-end graphical user interface offers all the tools for an independent off-line production system while maintaining compatibility with all major CAD systems.

Put quality of Gerber to work for you.
The ML Series is the third generation of technically advanced Gerber laser systems. It features a comprehensive range of sizes and power and a unique built-in safety beam security system.

Access a host of useful features.
It carries a wide range of other unique features such as a compact footprint, unobstructed table access, ergonomically friendly height and low noise operation.