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RQL Series – Quick Mount Laser Cutting System

The gold standard for affordable laser cutting systems

The RQL Series offers a comprehensive cutting solution.

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The Gerber RQL (Rotary Quick Lock) Series Laser combines the latest high-power laser technology with our patented, easy-to-use “quick lock” mounting system.

Set up and operate faster.
RQL offers faster set-up and more throughput than our traditional RL board. You can set up and finish a 1,000 inch, 5/8" shell in under 30 minutes. With the optional Off-Line Rotary Mounting Fixture, you can set up the next shell while the laser is operating, allowing for board changeover in less than a minute!

Boost productivity, cut costs.
Our laser blade cutting process makes quick work out of larger four- and six-point cuts. By focusing the laser to a tight one point wide beam, it makes two highly accurate parallel cuts, offset by two or four points, to allow for a small slice of wood to drop out.

Double your performance.
You can combine our RQL rotary laser and Fast Trak® flat laser into a compact, all-in-one cutting system. Our unique diverter box allows you to share one laser source between these two powerful cutters.