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Profile Series Die Tool Router System

A cost-effective die tool fabrication system

The Profile Series delivers easy, accurate high-speed routing.

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The Gerber Profile is a diemaker like no other. This highly accurate, exceptionally versatile router lets you perform multiple diemaking functions on a single affordable piece of equipment.

Take the easy way.
The Profile is a die tool routing system that generates all types of die cutting tools quickly and easily.

Get the system that delivers.
The Profile delivers like no other system—it can generate all components of a die tool set, on demand!

Do more with less.
With its optional application kits, you can generate dies, counter plates, male and female blankers and strippers, custom samples and coating blankets. It even chamfers automatically on both sides of the same board in perfect registration.

Enjoy amazing versatility.
The Profile works with a wide range of materials including plywoods, phenolic and plastic.