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MultiBender Rotary MR Series – Automatic Steel Rule Processor

The total solution for rotary diemaking

The MR Series delivers fast and accurate rotary rule processing.

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The MultiBender Rotary MR system delivers fast, highly accurate rotary rule processing for inline bending, cutting, lipping and notching with no wasted rule.

Handle the curves.
Standard curved rule for 66" (1676mm) shells (dieboard print circumference) is easily processed and available in 3- and 4-point rule thickness and rule heights up to 1.02" (26mm).

Take it up a notch.
The MultiBender Rotary MR Series runs non-notched rule through the machine to make bridges and relief notches.

Play it straight.
The optional multi-cutting system processes straight rotary rule. This option provides straight cutting, lipping, multi-bridging and marks bending point locations. Also included is a conveyor system.