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Gerber MCT Automated Sheet Feeder

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The Gerber MCT Automated Sheet Feeder for the Gerber MCT Cutter allows for delivery of pallets of print from either side, or from the back end, and automatically picks up single pieces for reliable delivery to the conveying system on the cutting table.

Automate your workflow.
The Automated Sheet Feeder brings a new level of simplicity to your workflow by easily delivering your materials to the conveying system on the cutting table. TigerVision™ uses the system’s camera to read the QR code to automate workflow by automatically bringing up the file associated with the QR code. A feeder may seem like an extravagant addition to a flatbed cutting or routing system until you understand the productivity enhancements that it brings to a finishing operation.

Automated Sheet FeederExpand your system as needed.
The feeder behaves as the gatekeeper for productivity. It provides the maximum efficiency by timing the production process while reducing the manpower necessary to achieve such results. By utilizing such automation capabilities, one operator is generally able to handle both printing and finishing.

Key Features:

  • The unit is on casters so it can be easily moved to and from the table.
  • Allows a pallet of printed materials to be delivered on either of the 3 open sides.
  • Automatically provides sheet separation for assuring only a single board is picked up and fed to the cutter.