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During these unprecedented times, it’s important for medical and safety professionals, and even consumers, to have the protective gear they need to remain healthy and safe. By leveraging Gerber Technology’s fully-connected Industry 4.0 solutions and their decades of expertise, you'll be able to quickly, efficiently and sustainably produce the personal protective equipment (PPE) at the speed and quality you need.


masks produced in a day*

1 Week

retooling for PPE production


reduced material waste

*Produced on one Gerber Paragon PPE Edition cutter per day.

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Gerber Technology has been working with manufacturers to ensure effective, quality PPE is getting to the market at the right time. Through their PPE Task Force, Gerber has helped thousands of companies produce PPE for medical and consumer use by providing them with the knowledge, resources and technology necessary to make the transition to PPE production as smooth as possible. In addition, Gerber is helping to connect their global network of manufacturers and suppliers through the “PPE Manufacturing Matchmaking Program” to make collaboration simple.

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“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 89 million medical masks and 76 million examination gloves are required for the COVID-19 response each month. The WHO estimates PPE manufacturing needs to increase by 40% in order to keep up with demand.”



Efficient production, effective products.

Gerber’s powerful end-to-end platform makes digital product development easier than ever before by seamlessly passing data throughout the supply chain, reducing costs, accelerating time to market, and improving the overall quality of the finished product. The connected solution helps you sustainably develop accurate patterns with AccuMark® 2D, validate them with seamless 2D-to-3D integration, all while leveraging YuniquePLM® to keep your data in one place for a truly optimized and efficient workflow.

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Everything you need for a smooth transition.

With Gerber’s integrated end-to-end solutions, you’re able to efficiently produce hundreds of products at once to protect yourself, medical professionals, and your employees. The Gerber PPE Retooling Package is designed to make your transition to PPE production as seamless as possible. With a pre-packaged set of options for the Gerber Paragon® HX and LX, essential spare parts, additional software and consulting services and support add-ons, you’ll have everything you need to produce the highest quality PPE.

Gerber PPE Retooling Package


PPE made personal.

As today’s consumers take their health and safety into their own hands with their own PPE, they’re counting on manufacturers to offer more than just plain, white masks. With Gerber’s on-demand workflow, you’re able to design and develop personalized masks that will allow your consumers to truly express who they are. The fully-integrated process quickly turns ideas into a reality by leveraging the latest in 2D/3D CAD, PLM, and nesting solutions as well as the most advanced digital printing and cutting technology, taking you from concept to finished product in a matter of hours.

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Supporting you every step of the way.

Whether you’re transitioning to PPE or looking to optimize your existing production, Gerber has the expertise to help you succeed. Gerber’s team of experts have successfully helped manufacturers all over the world optimize their PPE production by advising on regulations, sharing best practices, and providing dozens of helpful production-ready files and other resources to make the transition as efficient as possible.

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Downtime should never be an issue. 

With advanced Remote Support solutions, such as GERBERconnect™, a Field Service Technician can access your system from anywhere in the world. A Gerber Certified Technician is able to quickly diagnose, troubleshoot, install and solve any issues you may be having without ever having to set foot in your facility. Whether you’re having a technical issue or need a software update, Gerber’s Remote Support solutions are your best option for getting back up and running quickly.

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In their words: Hardwire, LLC
“As we continue to increase toward 100,000 units per day to protect our front line nurses, doctors, caregivers, and first responders, Gerber will be central to our efforts. I have never felt more blessed by digital technology, a machine, and a company that works.”
George Tunis
CEO, Hardwire, LLC
Hardwire, LLC
“The Gerber Team’s expertise, forward-thinking and innovative technology are a true asset during this difficult time as many companies are eager to ramp up production but aren’t sure where to begin.”
Kim Glas
President and CEO, National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO)
National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO)
In their words: OnPoint Manufacturing
“With Gerber’s equipment, expertise and support we were able to successfully transition our supply chain to manufacturing 90% PPE in a matter of days.”
Kirby Best
CEO, OnPoint Manufacturing
OnPoint Manufacturing
“Gerber’s skill, professionalism, and manufacturing expertise have been transformative in the industry’s ability to repurpose and ramp up production of life-saving personal protective equipment.”
Steve Lamar
President and CEO, American Apparel & Footwear Association
American Apparel & Footwear Association

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