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Gerber Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Retooling Package

The tools and expertise you need for a successful transition to PPE production.

With the global shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), transitioning production to produce PPE is a matter of saving lives and jobs. Technical Materials used for PPE are woven and non-woven, natural and poly blends, with some requiring several materials to be layered together to meet regulations and compliance. Due to the complexity of PPE, manufacturers must have the right software, hardware and expertise to quickly, efficiently, and sustainably manufacture PPE of the highest quality. In order to successfully transition to PPE production, manufacturers must have flexibility with the toolset, whether it be hardware or software, meaning companies may need to change the setup of their cutting solution in order to successfully produce PPE. 

The Gerber PPE Retooling Package includes everything you need to produce PPE effectively and efficiently, at the right time. The package includes the Gerber Paragon® PPE Edition for the HX and LX as well as Gerber’s AccuMark® and YuniquePLM® to ensure your data stays connected and accurate for maximum uptime. All supported by Gerber’s expertise to ensure success. The PPE Retooling Package will allow manufacturers to produce up to 150,000 medical gowns and 6 million non-medical masks per week*.

*Based on 3 shifts, 6 days per week.

Gerber Paragon PPE Edition

Vacuum Regulation
Easily select the vacuum required for the job with precision vacuum control. The closed-loop vacuum control will monitor and maintain the vacuum level during the entire cut. For easy recall and repeatability, the vacuum level is saved in a material preset file.

Bite Under Vacuum
Material stabilization ensures plies of material do not shift during the convey process to improve cut part accuracy and first pass of yield cut parts.

Knife Chiller
Fibers in poly blended materials have a low melting temperature which will cause the layers of material to fuse together. The knife chiller, along with material presets, will prevent fusing between individual piles.

Single Quick Change Drill
Precisely mark fasteners locations or cutting holes up to 20 mm in size while enabling further automation of the manufacturing process by removing 2nd and 3rd operations after the part has been cut. Drill bit types are available in a variety of types and sizes and can be changed on the cutter in seconds without tools.

Essential Spare Parts
Ensure maximum system uptime with a spare parts kit featuring recommended spare parts and consumables, including a spare sharpener. The kit will enable operators and technicians to provide scheduled preventative maintenance and eliminate downtime. You can order additional spare parts by visiting our eSTORE.

CutWorks® Power Pack Software
Optimize cut files for throughput and quality with a rich set of software tools for file conversion, tool path, manual nesting, automated nesting, cutting, and file wizards.

Gerber PPE - Getting Started Software Package

  • AccuMark® PDS/GMS license to accelerate the CAD to cut room process with Gerber’s PPE patterns and integration with software and hardware solutions.
  • AccuMark training included to cover the most common use cases for PPE and how it can be leveraged in your everyday business. 
  • Free YuniquePLM® login to access fully preconfigured tech packs for the most common and FDA approved PPE items. 

Gerber PPE Consulting Services

Gerber Consulting Services offer PPE expertise across all of our hardware and software solutions. Specifically for this period of need, our team has been working to retool customer operations to PPE production in one week or less! We have learned the common challenges and roadblocks so you don’t have to. 

This package includes 30 hours with Gerber consultants. This time can be leveraged for any of the following activities and customized for your particular business needs

  • Advise on US FDA regulations and aligning customers' production facility to specific PPE items being requested. 
  • Assist on any PPE pattern provided. Examples include grading and creating a pattern file from a physical sample. 
  • Set up relevant PPE tech packs via YuniquePLM. 
  • Provide marker files (leveraging AccuPlan™/AccuNest™) to ensure maximum fabric utilization.
  • Optimization of overall end-to-end workflow, from planning to CAD room and cut room. Connect with other third party partners as needed. Examples include: 
    • Ensure that AccuMark configuration allows for efficient nesting (i.e. with PPE, bundles can often be maxed because of small pieces). 
    • Ensure the spreader/cutter ratio is maximized for best fabric utilization/efficiency. 

Service & Support 

Remote Support Solutions
Through our advanced Remote Support Solutions, such as GERBERconnect™, our Field Service Engineers are able to diagnose, troubleshoot, and solve issues with your systems remotely, getting you back up and running quickly.