GERBERconnect Remote Services


GERBERconnect™ is available on the Gerber Paragon® and GERBERcutter® Z1 (operating Microsoft Windows® 7 or later). Contact Gerber Service for more details at 800-321-2448 (USA) or 860-871-8082 (Outside USA).

How does it work?
undefinedGERBERconnect is a remote device management system, enabling authorized Gerber Service professionals to securely access your Gerber system for the purpose of:

  • Proactively detecting system faults
  • Troubleshooting remotely
  • Uploading software enhancements
  • Providing assistance on system operation

Metrics that Matter

  • Effortlessly monitor production with automated daily production reports.
  • Review data such as Automatic Time, Pause Time, Error Time and Gap Time.
  • Cloud capabilities allow staff to review data whether they are onsite or remote.

Security you can trust

  • Gerber prides itself on being reliable and trustworthy which is why your data will not be shared with or used by anyone other than you.

Remain up to date

  • Receive free, daily reports showing a usable view of system performance and throughput, eliminating the need to physically monitor each job.

Maximize Uptime and Productivity

  • GERBERconnect detects faults in your system so they can be corrected quickly.
  • Training is available via GERBERconnect.

Enhanced Preventative Maintenance

  • GERBERconnect assists Gerber in scheduling preventative maintenance visits based on your system usage eliminating unnecessary visits, ensuring peak performance and minimizing unexpected downtime.

Faster Recovery

  • GERBERconnect stores system backup config and setup files to facilitate repairs.
  • GERBERconnect provides critical system information to field service engineers to help them identify and correct issues.