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Service Agreements for Gerber's Hardware Systems

Contact your local Gerber Service office.

Gerber Prime Service helps keep your Gerber equipment up and running by ensuring you get Gerber Certified service, support and parts. Take comfort knowing you have a global network of highly-skilled and knowledgeable service professionals working to keep your system running at peak performance.

Full Service Agreement
Get maximum system uptime for the greatest value.
The Full Service Agreement gives you the lowest risk of downtime losses at the best value, enabling you to budget your annual maintenance expenses accurately. With industry leading response times and preventative maintenance checks, you can take comfort in the fact that your system is always operating at peak performance.

Preventative Maintenance & Parts Support Agreement
Maintain control of your own maintenance routines.
The agreement gives you Prioritized remote and on-site support*, replacement of major parts (excluding consumables) and discounted on-site labor, and one preventative maintenance on-site visit with prioritized field service response time.

Remote Support Agreement
Not your typical entry-level support agreement.
The Remote Support Agreement gives you prioritized expert support via Gerber’s state-of-the-art remote support capabilities* and substantially discounted rates for on-site labor and replacement parts (excluding consumables).

Full Service AgreementPreventative Maintenance & Parts Support AgreementRemote Support AgreementNon-Contract
Priority On-Site Service Response Time 2 days 3 Days 4 days  Best Effort
Unlimited Priority Remote Support List Price
Software Updates List Price
Preventative Maintenance Option List Price
Service Parts Coverage Discount List Price
Labor and Travel Discount Discount List Price 
Training and Consulting Discount Discount Discount List Price 
Break/Fix Visit
Preventative Maintenance Visit
Factory Maintenance Training

*During standard working hours.
**Available only on the Gerber Paragon® (multi-ply) and GERBERcutter® Z1 (single-ply) cutters.