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ARTPath & Auto-Carve

Part of the Gerber OMEGA™ Complete Suite of Layout, Design, Output and Conversion Tools

Simple Yet Powerful Component of OMEGA Software That Converts Vector Graphics Into Gerber Router/Cutter Tool Paths

How to Buy

ARTPath™ routing and engraving software is a simple yet powerful component of OMEGA software that converts vector graphics into Gerber router/cutter tool paths and comes standard with the purchase of any Gerber router or flatbed cutting system. Using an intuitive, non-CNC graphical user interface, ARTPath provides user control and creation of routing speeds and feeds, male and female tool offsets, engraving paths, multiple offsets, multiple depths, clean-outs, inlays, and more.

Auto-Carve™ 3D is a software option for ARTPath that enables your Gerber router to create traditional hand-carved looking text and graphics.

Features & Benefits

  • ARTPath is included with the purchase of any Gerber Router or flatbed cutting system.
    Gerber’s Matched Technology System (MTS) assures ease of use, quality and consistency.
  • Intuitive, non-CNC graphical user interface.
    Short learning curves and quick productivity.
  • Create Multiple tool path offsets, depths and more.
    Flexibility to create complex jobs.
  • Settings Templates let you reuse job settings for fast preparation.
    Save time and increase throughput.
  • Open OMEGA PLT files as well as DXF, AI, EPS, HPGL files.
    Tight integration with OMEGA means reduced file rework time.
  • Create auto-inlay tool paths with round corners and shoulders for push through letters.
    Saves time and manual rework of filing corners.
  • Finish cut for smooth edges.
    Save manual finishing time by using multiple tool passes.
  • Animate toolpaths, show dry haul moves, and job time estimates.
    Use the power of the computer to preview and estimate jobs and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Pursue diverse markets and applications with different ARTPath capabilities.
    • Channel letter faces, backs, notches and drill holes
    • Wood signs and letters
    • Point of Purchase displays
    • ADA and architectural sign systems
    • Industrial manufacturing applications
    • Woodworking and cabinetry
    • Prismatic or carved signs (using the Auto-Carve 3D option)
    • Rout graphics (using the GerberCUT option)
    • All Gerber M Series flatbed cutting/routing systems can be run using Gerber ARTPath software

Auto-Carve 3D Option

  • Superior lead-screw drive
    Accurate tolerances, minimal maintenance and no lubrication
  • Multi-size platforms
    Accommodates individual sign shops
  • Aluminum construction
    Lighter weight and more rigid than steel
  • Paneling (long-sign mode)
    Rout seamless signs of unlimited length from a continuous sheet
  • Superior Z-axis depth control
    Accurately rout to the table surface without cutting the table
  • 32 bit Operating System is required for Auto-Carve 3D* and Gerber Braille Interpreter.
    They will not run on 64 bit systems, even if upgrading from a previous version of OMEGA. 


Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (32), Windows XP Pro (32 and 64), Windows 2000 Pro Server with latest service pack (OMEGA 2.6 will not load on Windows 98 or Windows ME.) *Auto-Carve 3D and Gerber Braille Interpreter require a 32 bit operating system.

CPU* Intel Pentium IV™
RAM* 512 MB RAM min (1 GB recommended)
Free Disk Space* 2 GB of available disk space (20+ GB Recommended)
Video Display 800 X 600 min resolution and support of 16 million colors
Drives CD-ROM drive: Recommended
3.5" Floppy drive: For use with Legacy options, fonts, etc.


One free USB Port required for security key. (Additional port required for use with the USB-to-Parallel option)


Ethernet: For use with plotter, routers and network connection
Serial (9-pin): for use with Gerber plotters and/or routers

*These are the recommended minimums that are required for OMEGA to run properly. Additional hard disk spce and stronger processors (2x minimum or more) will improve performance, especially when working in data intensive operations or with large files.

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