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Gerber OMEGA™ Features & Benefits

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Groups of Groups offers smarter, easier job organization  •  •
The PLT Extract program now shows Gerber vinyl and GerberColor Foil costs in extracted results.  •  •
Automatically merge fields from PLT Extract results back into Composer for customer presentations or business tracking purposes.  •  •
Outline "Outside Contour Only," and Shadow "Hide Original"  •  •
Plot Backcut improvements, including named backcut settings  •  
Clipping path display enhancements  •  
Improved EPS/AI/PDF import optionally keeps original CMYK colors  •  •
New PDF export filter with support for named spot colors  and CutContour. Use for inkjet workflows, presentations, or exporting to other design programs.  •  •
On-screen constraints with the ALT key is even better as it can be used with detail editing on on-screen digitizing.  •  •
Show filled/wireframe, and scroll with the mouse wheel while in Composer dialog boxes.  •  •
Font Matching  •  •
Fill vectors with images  •  
Contextual viewing of Composer design features with "apply" button  •  •
Easier raster to vector and decal cut  •  •
ALT key on-screen constraints  •  •
GERBER EDGE Font Pack, Gerber Highway Font Pack and Gerber Library
Clipart Pack now included
 •  •
Larger image export up to 32,000 pixels  •  •
Add logos to QR barcodes  •  •
Plot Overcut for thick or hard materials  •  •
Find text string, find Gerber text, find duplicate shapes  •  •
Spiral tool, arrow tool  •  •
Control Composer toolbar location and display  •  •
PLT file data extraction and additional file description fields  •  •
Faster selection with large files  •  •
DXF color mapping to layers  •  •
Pantone® Palette Updates to PANTONE+ V3  •  •
ART Path M-Series Crease Matrix Tool  •  •