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Completion "Tools"

These planning and completion products will ensure the job gets done right, efficiently, and completely.

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3M™ Laminating Adhesive 467MP and 468MP

Laminating Adhesive 467MP and 468MP are popular choices for graphic attachment and membrane switch applications because they have excellent quality, consistency and durability.

These products offer: Clarity (virtually free of vapor inclusions that are commonly found in adhesives); Excellent high temperature performance as well as excellent shear strength (that minimizes edge lifting and slippage of parts); Excellent resistance to harsh environments: the adhesive can withstand splashes of organic solvents, weak acids and bases and salt water, cleaning solutions, germicidals, disinfectants, oils, etc. In addition, these perform well after exposure to humidity and hot/cold cycles and provides some initial repositionability when bonding to plastic parts (not metal) which allows graphic parts to be lifted and repositioned if initial alignment is incorrect.

Available Widths: 12" Unpunched
Available Lengths: 60 yards

Gerber Application Tapes

Includes a variety of Standard Tack tapes. Gerber recommends and warrants the use of Standard Tack Application Tape in applying graphics produced by Gerber imaging devices.

Suggested Devices: Cut Vinyl jobs, Thermal Print jobs
Available Types: Standard Tack
Available Widths: 3¼", 6½", 12", 14", 30"
Available Lengths: 100 yards

Gerber Drawing/Pouncing Papers

Paper for producing scaled or full-size line drawings and pounce patterns.

Suggested Devices: Cutting/Plotting
Available Types: Plain White 20#
Available Widths: 15"/30" Punched
Available Lengths: 300 feet and 500 feet

Not all widths and/or lengths may be available in all colors.

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