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GerberColor Spectratone

Create THOUSANDS of rich solid spot colors with the GERBER EDGE® series, GerberColor Foils, and Gerber OMEGA™ software. By printing one spot color on top of another, you create a new color result. Additionally, you can also print a single EDGE Spot color onto any colored vinyl color to achieve even greater color expansion. Gerber offers a preprinted sample book of GerberColor Spectratone colors, or use Gerber OMEGA to print a GerberColor Spectratone color chart based on the colors you have in your inventory or use the ColorID feature to cross reference to Gerber vinyl colors, PANTONE® Colors and other color palettes.

  • GerberColor Spectratone colors are created by printing a solid foil color on top of another foil over white vinyl. This capability multiplies the base set of GerberColor spot colors into more than 3,000 GerberColor Spectratone colors.
  • GerberColor Spectratone II colors are created by printing a solid foil color over a colored vinyl. This allows you to take advantage of both your foil and vinyl color gamut.
  • You can customize the Spectratone palette by creating an inventory to match your stock. This palette exists only in the ColorID program in OMEGA, and can be used in Composer to fill objects in the design.
  • You can also print a Spectratone chart using specific foils (or foils and vinyls) to see exactly what the finished result will look like, and use as a reference when coloring jobs.