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With strict deadlines and safety regulations, you don’t have time to waste on errors and improperly cut parts. With Gerber’s end-to-end solution for transportation interiors, you can trust that you’ll get the perfect cut every time whether you’re cutting fabric, leather, technical textiles or composites. Backed by the most advanced IoT solutions, the integrated solutions minimizes errors, improves material utilization and accelerates time to market.

Transportation Driven by Passion

Driven by passion: the partner you want, the innovation you need.

In today’s world, the proper utilization of data is the differentiator between successful manufacturers and OEM’s and those struggling to survive. By implementing an IoT solution, manufacturers are able to get the analytics they need to optimize, streamline their workflow and move towards operational excellence. Additionally, automation and IoT also enables data to be passed throughout the supply chain, allowing manufacturers to streamline and optimize their workflow from design through production. Gerber’s automated solutions offer unmatched throughput and quality to meet the most stringent regulations and help achieve zero buffer cutting.

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Grupo Antolin Digitally Transformed with Gerber

Grupo Antolin digitally transforms to increase business.

International automotive manufacturer, Grupo Antolin, is one of the largest players in the global car interiors market and responsible for producing interior door components for major automotive brands, such as Toyota and Jaguar. Today, the company leverages Gerber’s complete end-to-end solution to go from pattern development to production. Since implementing Gerber’s integrated process, Grupo Antolin has increased efficiency, improved the quality of the final product and reduced errors.

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CutWorks Nesting Software for Transportation

A solution for every business strategy.

For true efficiency, you need a solution that can do it all. Gerber’s CutWorks software is a multi-purpose solution that can manage all transportation materials, even the toughest ones. CutWorks helps optimize your workflow from pattern to cut room with powerful design features, 0 buffer nesting and tool-path programming tools. The software includes several automatic and manual nesting modules to support a variety of production strategies, ensuring you have a solution that fits your business.

Transform your nesting process

CAD Software for Transportation

Automate your process from design through production.

Gerber’s comprehensive pattern making, marking and planning software, AccuMark, empowers pattern makers and technical designers to easily create the highest quality patterns that can be cut and sewn with maximum precision and accuracy. Patterns can then be nested in Gerber’s high speed nesting solution, AccuNest, which leverages powerful algorithms to automatically generate cost and production markers, ensuring maximum precision. The automated workflow helps ensure repeatability, minimize costly mistakes, improve material utilization and accelerate time to market, while still ensuring the highest quality cut parts.

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Cut Planning for Transportation

Build an efficient production planning.

Gerber’s industry-leading cut and spread planning software, AccuPlan, streamlines production and optimizes the CAD-to-Cut process. AccuPlan makes it simple to import hundreds of thousands of fabric roll entries in just a few seconds. Additionally, AccuPlan seamlessly integrates with your ERP system, allowing you to easily manage and optimize work orders and save 5-8% on materials.

Streamline cut planning

Revolutionize mass production.

As the most intelligent and integrated multi-ply cutter on the market, the Gerber Atria Digital Cutter helps transportation manufacturers surpass industry standards. With Smart Motion cutting, state-of-the-art IoT capabilities, and an easy-to-use interface, the Atria is the only cutting solution on the market to high ply with zero buffer cutting at unbeatable quality. The Atria increases the quality, efficiency and speed of the supply chain, enabling  transportation manufacturers to meet deadlines while minimizing costs and reducing the need for skilled labor.

Meet the future of mass production

Transportation Workflow

From CAD to Cut Room seamlessly.

Seamlessly send all the information to your GERBERcutter through digital cut tickets and barcodes with all the information needed to cut with absolute precision. The cut ticket includes a variety of information, including the file name, type of material, and number of plies needed for each spread in the work order.

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Maximize hide yield with the Taurus II.

Specially designed for leather applications, Gerber’s Taurus II, maximizes hide yield and improves throughput to increase ROI. The Taurus is equipped with a digital camera to capture the hide shape and flaw grades in just a matter of seconds. The solutions rotary blade offers the fastest possible cutting speeds to ensure you can meet even the strictest deadlines.

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Maximize precision and accuracy for even the toughest material.

With Gerber’s end-to-end solution, working with composite and technical textiles has never been easier. Backed by innovative software and advanced IoT solutions, the end-to-end workflow ensures even the toughest materials are processed and cut with absolute precision. The integrated supply chain includes a variety of automated nesting and digital cutting solutions for every business need.

Experience maximum precision

Transportatino Interior Placards and Labels

Create the highest quality placards and labels.

With sign & graphics solutions and materials, you’ll have everything you need to develop impressive placards, labels, signage and more. The GERBER EDGE® FX™ production system offers a complete design, print and cut solution, allowing you to turn your ideas into stunning final products in no time. We also offer a wide range of materials and substrates to get the quality you need, no matter the application. Many of our materials are also in compliance with FAA regulations, making them the perfect choice for aircraft interiors.

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GERBERconnect for Supply Chain Insight

Gain valuable insights into your supply chain.

Gerber’s hardware solutions are equipped with their advanced remote support solution, GERBERconnect. The IoT solution makes it easy for Gerber Service professionals to access your solution to detect problems, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, and perform updates. GERBERconnect can also provide operators with the production metrics they need to make smart production decisions.

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Hardware Remote Service

Backed by a team of experts.

No matter where you are in your digital transformation, Gerber has a team of knowledgeable experts to support you every step of the way. Implementing integrated solutions can seem daunting when looking at managing the change within your own organization. Gerber’s Consulting Services will help you optimize and streamline your workflow by giving you advice on best practices and teaching you how to best incorporate the latest technology.. With Gerber’s team of seasoned industry professionals, you will be able to improve your agility, accelerate your production speed, and remain flexible so that you can keep up with market challenges.

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In their words: Bell Helicopter
“Gerber provided advanced training and explained things in a way novice operators could easily understand. They also tailored our machine to our specific applications for improved efficiency. Our unit can literally be operated and programmed with little to no background experience. Gerber is also easily accessible for troubleshooting issues and continues to provide us with the ongoing support we need.”
Jeremy Dempsey
Production Manager, Bell Helicopter
“As soon as we got in contact with Gerber’s Task Force and shared our specifics needs and resources, Gerber’s team of experts advised what technologies work for cutting in both, functional and twin needle decorative stitch as well as our cutting capability, it was a great help to survive during this difficult period.”
Paul Oldfield
Senior Production Performance EngineerBarton Division of Grupo Antolin
In their words: C&G Kiel Italia
“With the introduction of Gerber’s integrated, digital cutting room, we were able to optimize planning time and improve spreading time.”
Marco Gallo
Sales ManagerC&G Kiel Italia

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