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CutWorks Software

The flexible, powerful software that improves cut part quality

CutWorks® is a modular software system that offers complete CAD design, piece nesting and tool-path programming.

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CutWorks offers programmed cutting precision and repeatability for an efficient and optimized workflow.

Improve cut part quality.
Fine-tune the CAD data you send to your cutter to further improve cut part quality. Automatically remove extra vertices, control both the direction of cut and the start point for better cut quality.

Increase cutting efficiency with ToolPath.
With CutWorks and the ToolPath module, you’ll have a feature-rich NC programming tool that will optimize the overall throughput of each job. The ToolPath module gives you full control over the exact order of cutting of both the data within individual parts and the order of parts within the complete nest. With ToolPath you can ensure that parts are cut accurately while saving time, material, labor and money.

Achieve Maximum Yield with IndustrialNest.
As a powerful nesting solution designed specifically for expensive industrial sheet and rolled materials, IndustrialNest automatically nests and achieves maximum material yields. IndustrialNest generates nests 24 hours a day without human intervention, eliminates cut file and ply limitations and enables manufacturers to combine several jobs. 

Powerful nesting modules for every strategy.
CutWorks offers several powerful nesting packages, including manual and automatic nesting modules, to support several strategies and applications. CutWorks nesting modules are designed to improve material utilization. 

Seamless integration with other systems.
CutWorks file preparation software works on Gerber cutting systems and virtually any other automated cutting system on the market to dramatically improve cut part quality. The solution also enables seamless import of many industry standard CAD software data file formats, including DXF, NC, IGES. It also exports files in CEI, NC and DXF, and NC file formats.