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Gerber MCT Cutter Tools

A complete, high-quality tool set for your finishing needs.

Our range of tooling options for the Gerber MCT Cutter allows for a seamless production workflow and the ability to take on any job that comes into your shop.

Ease of Use.
The universal solution, the Gerber MCT Cutter, comes with a universal tool head with 12 interchangeable tools and high-powered laser. With fast tool changeover this allows you to effectively cut a broad range of materials giving you the advantage over the competition.

Variety of tools provides a variety of finishing capabilities. 

Oscillating Knife
Oscillating Knife
High-speed oscillating knife for more intricate, and high detail applications on foams and corrugated materials.
Pneumatic Oscillating Knife
Pneumatic Oscillating Knife
Pneumatic oscillating knife for thick honeycomb, foam, and styrofoam.
Tangential Drag Knife
Tangential Knife Tool
Tangential drag knife for non-permeable textiles, corrugated, vinyls, thin plastics, foam board and more.
Kiss Cut Tool
Kiss-Cutting Knife
Kiss cutting tool to achieve a specific cutting depth, and extreme accuracy for adhesive backed vinyl and film.
Driven Rotary Tool
High-Speed Driven Rotary Tool
The high-speed electric driven rotary tool uses a decagonal blade for chopping through each fiber/thread and is motor driven for less friction and drag while cutting.
Plotting Pen Tool
Universal Drawing Tool
Plotting pen available for your universal tool body, for those needing to write part numbers or job names on items prior to cutting.
Braille Tool
Braille Tool
The Braille tool snaps onto the universal tool body. A wide assortment of colored raster beads are available to provide brand consistency. Accept ADA signage requests with confidence.