Boosting Productivity with AccuMark Family of Products

星期四, 五月 12, 2016 分类: 时装和服装, 博客, CAD, 软件

Accelerated product development and a quick response to market trends go hand-in-hand when fast fashion is the end goal. Our expanded AccuMark® family of products will help to further speed and streamline workflows and open more channels of communication throughout the supply chain.

Students Embrace Every Moment of #ideationGT Fashion Competition

星期二, 十一月 24, 2015 分类: 时装和服装, 博客, 软件

The Gerber fashion design competition for ideation2015 was truly all about the journey just as much as the destination. Students from colleges all over the country were challenged to re-create pieces that belong to Charlotte Smith’s “The Darnell Collection” from five different eras in a runway style contest. 

Mary McFadden将3D引入古着设计

星期一, 十月 12, 2015 分类: 博客

收藏家Charlotte Smith来自澳大利亚悉尼,近期为Darnell 2015系列做出了一个开创性的计划。这位古着收藏家善于讲故事,已形成了她的个人收藏理念,对于制作古着的真正面料能娓娓道来。为了为如今欣赏古典风格设计师另辟蹊径,Smith与格柏Mary McFadden由此成为了合作伙伴。

Reasons to Transition from Manual/Die Cutting to Automated Leather Cutting

星期一, 三月 10, 2014 分类: 博客, 裁剪车间

Transitioning from manual or die cutting of leather can seem daunting. For decades, automated leather cutter suppliers have helped companies of all sizes transition from die cutting or supplement existing die cutting with computer-controlled leather cutting. Seasoned sales and service professionals will start by understanding your needs, assessing your business requirements and suggesting automation solutions to address your individual needs.

5 Things to Consider When Purchasing Parts and Consumables

星期一, 三月 3, 2014 分类: 博客

Using quality replacement parts can mean the difference between your system operating reliably day in and day out or suffering downtime that affects your delivery schedules and bottom line. Take into consideration which parts are designed specifically for your equipment and be wary of those that only claim to be.